I was introduced to fictional universe and it’s wonderful stories when I stumbled upon Wattpadd. Since then, I am a big fan of stories. Once I discovered how fun it is to read, and then write, I couldn’t stop it.

My favourite authors were Rick Riordan and Brandson Sanderson. But since then, I’ve read many others.  Still, their books remained my favourite.

While Rick Riordian’s works are fun and light, they are filled with interesting views of Greek, Roman or even Norse mytholigies. His writing style is such that makes me laugh to a great extent.  In case of Brandon Sanderson, his books, the interesting and immersive settings and his writing style are something that I like very much.

In fact, I like both of them so much that I wanted to write, make my readers feel the same way I felt while reading their Books. Hence my journey in writing and also reading began.

I read a lot. Aspire to write more. But like many readers and writers, I experienced Reading Slump and Writers Block.

But no matter what, I’ve always came back to reading and writing.

I’ve searched for  a way to beath both of them, but I’ve discovered that if I keep myself acocuntable, I would read the book or write one without fail. If not, there were many instances where I dropped it off.

To keep myself accountable, I will write and publish my writing and findings about craft as well as the (short) stories I write in a series of blogs that are about to come. To publish at least one article and or one short story every week.

I will also post the progress of my longer novels and many others that were about to come.

Thanks for reading and I hope I will read and write more.

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