Short Story


“I don’t love you,” Sampath said.

Her heart twisted at his words. It was not like she hadn’t tried her best. She did everything within her power to make him hers. But nothing proved to be helpful.

Since the past few days, she had thought she had him and his love, because of the way he had behaved with her, the love he had shown towards her, the care and worry in his eyes, she thought he would be hers finally.

But no, he had to ruin that.

“No, you were mistaken. I know from deep within my heart that that you love me. The way you are looking at me was proof enough,” she said.

Sampath sighed. He was acting as if she was a small child. “Rena, I respect you and your friendship. Because of that, I acted the way I had been with you for the past few days. But the more I spend with you, the more I realized that you are obsessed with me.

“This has to end. If you want, we can still be friends. But don’t say things like you love me. Especially that I love you. I like you as a friend,” he said.

”NO!” she shouted.

“You are in denial,” Sampath said. His eyes were filled with worry, the worry that one should feel for his beloved. He loved her. “I think this has to end. I am afraid this would be the last time we would see each other.”

He walked away from her.

No, no. he couldn’t do that. He loved her. But how can he say harsh things like that?

Perhaps he was playing with her or even testing her to see whether she truly loves him or not.

Yes, he was testing her.

“Stop playing. I know you love me,” she said, moving closer to him. She put her arms around his shoulders and turned him towards her. She pulled him closer. To seal their love with kiss.

Her heart started to beat faster, sweat pooling around her forehead and her breath quickened. Yes, the kiss was finally going to happen. Just when their lips were about to meet, his breath intermingling with hers, he pushed her away.

He shouted. It was a frustrated one.

“We’re done. My marriage is tomorrow. I’ve came to inform you about that and invite you to the wedding. But I don’t even want to invite you to it anymore,” he said, taking the invitation card with him.


It’s been an hour since Sampath left. How dare he cheat on me with other girl? She didn’t know whom the girl was, but when she saw the girl, she would teach her a lesson. A cruel one. To stay away from her lover.

She tried to call him. But each time, he didn’t picked up the call even after staying on the call for 10 to 12 rings. After few times, the call was cut after a single ring.

He blocked her.

She let out a cry and raked her hands through her hair. She had to do something, otherwise, she would go to dark days. Where days in and out feels like seconds.

No, she shouldn’t let that happen.

Finally, she moved out of the house and towards the bar, to drink senseless.


Her head was pounding with every shift of her body against the soft bed. She was trying to find a comfortable position but so far, it only increased the pounding in her head.

Her breathing was ragged, like she was struggling too hard. Against what, she didn’t know. Everything was fuzzy to her. Thoughts seemed to enter and exit from her mind, too blurry to even notice what they meant and she ignored it.

The chirping of birds was what she would usually woke up to with welcoming smile. But she was frowning today. The chirping of the birds or even the honks of the cars on the busy street near her apartment made her wish she studied enough to get a good job that paid more money. But alas, she had concentrated all her education life on Sampath and he was  abandoning her.

It reminded her the reason for the pounding. She had drunk till she was senseless, alright. She didn’t know who had brought her to her apartment, but she thanked him/her mentally.

She opened her eyes and they stung. They watered at the bright sunlight that was streaming from the windows. She closed her eyes and tried to stifle the cry that was trying harder to get out of her lips.

After god knows how longer, she was able to open her eyes, gingerly at first. Once they are adjusted to the sunlight, she opened them fully.

She looked around for her phone, when she found it, she yelled with joy. It only increased the pounding of in head and she cursed.

The pounding reduced and she reached for her phone and checked whether anyone replied to her message. Regarding the location where Sampath was marrying.

One replied.


She put on the shades to cover her bloodshot eyes to keep the headache out as well as the harsh sunlight, she took aspirin as a precaution and walked towards her Maruti Suzuki Swift. It was second hand sleek black car which she got for a cheap price.

She stepped inside the car and rolled down the window. She wanted to feel the cool air against her face, wanted to feel the freedom.

She started the car and was halfway to chapel when the first red signal came.

She cursed.

Only 20 minutes for Sampath, before she would lose him forever. She had to try harder, drive faster if she had to reach it within that time.

Cursing the lights, she started the car and moved quicker.

A van came to her right and slammed into it.

Her car jarred, as her head hit the steering wheel.  Shards of glass exploded at the impact and showered all around her while the car was rolling in the air. Her cries were lost to the whistling of the wind and when the rolling came to a stop, her car hit the ground with the top side on the ground, shards of glass exploding outside from all the windows and windshield.

She groaned, her body was aching everywhere. After sometime, it faded.

She stepped out of the car and dusted off the shards only to find no shards on her body. She looked at her body and gasped. She was covered in blood, could even feel it on her head and face, but there was no sign of wounds.

She thanked the gods and surveyed the car.

It was damaged beyond repair. She groaned and ignored the urge to shout at the van driver.

She turned, waited for a lift.

Several cars ignored her as if she didn’t exist and she huffed, crossing her arms.. If they are not willing to give her a lift, it’s alright. She didn’t care. She would find someone kind who would give her a lift.

When she finally got one, she asked him to take her to the direction.

As the car started, she felt someone pulling her back. She turned and found no one. It must be her imagination and she ignored the feeling of someone yanking her from her back.


She was surprised when the car didn’t stop at the chapel, but kept on driving for few blocks.

Cursing the man in all the languages that she knew, she stepped out of the car and raced to the chapel where Sampath was going to marry god only knows whom.

She raced across the steps of the chapel, ran into the altar and gasped.

The marriage was about to happen. The priest asked if anyone objects the union.

“Stop! I am I love with him,” she yelled at the top of her voice.

The priest ignored her. He proceeded to allow the marriage.

She stalked to the room, anger seeping with each step. When she reached the altar, Sampath kissed his new wife. She groaned and strode towards them but stopped.

She felt like someone were yanking her. She turned and found no one else.

She shook her head, turned to find the couple stepping away from the altar.

She cursed, pleaded Sampath to stop. Stop cheating on her and annul the marriage that she knew he entered out of force. He loved only her and not his new wife.

When he ignored her pleading, she let out frustrated sigh and moved amongst the people to stalk him everywhere he went. With each smile, each little kisses he was giving to his new wife, she huffed, cried or groaned.

She cannot see that.

After an hour, the couple bid goodbye to everyone around and moved to the car similar to hers.  Maruti Suzuki Swift. Hers was black while Sampath’s was white. Even their tastes in the car matches and he was wasting away his life, marrying this girl who was clinging to his arms.

She felt the yanking at her back again and stopped.

When it didn’t came again, she saw that Sampath and his new bride were inside the car.

They locked the door.

She ran towards the car, was able to reach the back door, and slammed her hands on the door, to find them go through the door and into the car.

She was stunned as she was halfway through the door. When the car engine started, without wasting another thought, she entered the car, prayed to god and thanked him for providing her such ability and settled herself.

She felt the yanking once again, but the pressure was so small that she ignored it

“We are going to be happy forever,” Sampath said to his new wife.

“Yea, full of love and happiness,” the new wife said.

I don’t think so, I would make sure that your marriage breaks, or if it stays, it will be filled with tears. The car started and Rena, ignoring the yanking sensation on her back, vowed to make the couple cry and suffer for ignoring her.

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