Short Story

The Dark Tattoo

The Dark Tattoo

The Dark Tattoo was waiting for someone to get her.

She was that of dragon of green colour so dark that you couldn’t recognize her as a dragon, but a spot of dark paint. Since she is normal tattoo, she was a 2 dimensional figure.

It had been a month since someone took her on their arm, neck or another part of their body. Since then, she was hungry.

A small child passed just her and she perked up. Children has pure energy that she could consume and in return, she could give them enormous power, strength, fire and flight like that of ancient dragons.

She approached the child.

The child was oblivious to her presence and it annoyed her. Back when she was born, everyone used to give attention to her, notice her and fought amongst themselves to fight her. But now, not even a child recognizes her or feels her presence. It’s either that or another reason that she dared not to believe.

They might’ve realized that she would consume their life energy in exchange of giving the power of a dragon.

Where do they think she could produce such power without consuming something. It was their fault that their life energy was reduced.

She had seen many wasting away their lives, being alone and doing nothing that was noteworthy.

If they let her on their body, she would provide strength of dragon. They could act like one and get noticed, remembered and more till their life energy was consumed by her.

Being a dragon, even for few moments is greater than anything they could do with their lives. Compared to that, their life energy was nothing.

They should accept this fact and let her give them strength.

She should do…

The child suddenly turned and for a moment she was stunned. Fear started to creep every inch of her and she whimpered. Her form rippled, as if a cloth stained by dark paint was moved from under by a small creature.

There was something wrong and twisted about the child. She wanted to be as far away from him as possible.

She ran away from the child, hoping he hadn’t seen her.

She turned her head from time to time to see whether he was following her or not. After few blocks, she didn’t see him.

She was relieved. Even though she was hungry, she didn’t want to consume the life energy from that child.

The area was literally crowded. More options for satisfying her hunger.

If she stayed here and search for other humans, chances of someone willing to take her are more. But what if the child was only waiting for her to relax. Or what if the child had went to get others of his kind.

There might also be a chance of the child and his kind are hiding, masking themselves from her, and waiting for her to make first move.

She had to move out of this place. She can’t let the kid scare her.

She ignored the lure of the crowd and went to next alley. It was dark, as dark as the colour of her.

There was something about the darkness that calms her, provides her with energy so much that she glowed faint green. But it was not powerful enough that she could attract humans who are willing to give their life energy in exchange of power, strength, fire and flight that a dragon would possess.

She moved to the centre of alley, where it was so dark that she started to glow strong green. It was so good. To be back in darkness. Here, she was the one with power.

If that child were to come here, she could face him and win over him.

But no one dared to enter here. Even though she could live here in the dark without worrying about food, the real food for her kind, life energy, but consuming darkness is nothing compared to consuming life energy.

It makes her alive.

If she found powerful life energy, she could even become 3 dimensional tattoo, which was powerful ones in her kind.

Ignoring all the warnings, she moved out of darkness, her glowing fading as she stepped out of darkness, and when she moved into light, she was full green again.

She felt the child’s presence and he took her upon him.

He was pulling her towards light while she pulled him towards darkness.

But she was only successful in pulling half of her into darkness.

It gave her a 3 dimensional look.

She was a 3 dimensional tattoo, the power she could sense from the child was great. It was just a tap away from the kid. All he had to do was tap into their bond and he could get the dragon’s power, strength, fire and flight while she could get the great power.

She was eagerly waiting for her food.

But the child only smiled.

“I know what happens if I used it up. I will get the power only for a moment. But I would die in the next moment. So I will not use it. I will starve you, get you near darkness to make you sustain,” the child said.

When are you planning to use it then? She asked.

“Only when I am certain that I would retain dragon power, strength, fire and flight forever,” the child said.

Which means forever. She had to wait forever, being hungry. The food just a tap away from her. But the child was seeking the impossible.

She lost her freedom.

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