NaNoWriMo Day 1

Hi everyone,

Here is what I’ve written on Day 1.


Chapter 1: Balu

I don’t know who invented meetings, but if I ever found him, I would make sure that he never dreams of inventing it in the first place.

Meetings are boring, except if the other party is female and sexy as hell, like Radha, who was sitting opposite to me. She was huge at chest area, probably implants and the shirt she wore clung to her chest showing all the perfect curves and bumps. We traded glances from time to time, it was the only way I could tune out the boring discussions.

Radha was so sexy that I wanted to push the oval table away and rip her clothes, enjoy the view it provided and much more. Thinking about it already made me hard and I struggled to hide it from everyone by pushing my chair closer to the Oval table.

I adjusted the seat of the chair a little bit lower so that others can’t see my bulge.

Raghav cleared his throat and I was annoyed. Why did he invited attention to me? I glared at him. “What?” I muttered.

“Meeting,” he mouthed.

Yeah, meeting. We were supposed to discuss the plan of action for EyeBooks for the next year. I reached for the water bottle and drank a sip.

If I were heading the meeting, I would’ve already completed it. We focus on one product and only one product. EyeBook. Nothing else.

But no, the other board members present wanted to discuss something else entirely. As I’ve already said, meetings are boring. Even the sexy presence of Radha and the hot gazes we were trading were not enough erase the boredom.

If I were not the heir of EyeBooks, not in line to become the next CEO, I would’ve already left the room with Radha in my hands. But I was heir of EyeBooks and in line to become the next CEO. So, I had to endure the boredom.

“What do you think Son?” Subramani asked.

I groaned. My father was imposing figure who commands attention wherever he goes. I inherited most of his qualities, but I commanded the attention the wrong way. I blamed my mother for that. but nothing prevent the way I feel about him. intimidated.

I cleared my throat and raised my eyebrows at Raghav. He mouthed agenda. I nodded and turned towards my father.

“I think we should focus only on developing EyeBooks, probably assign a new research heard as the current one would be on leave,” I said.

He nodded. But didn’t comment.

“What about you, Madhav?” Subramani asked, turning towards Madhav.

Madhav smiled. “We should increase the number of products in the market,” he said.

My father nodded. “Good,” he said.

I was angry. How can he comment on something that Madhav said and not me? I glared at Madhav. His smile widened.

“You have something to say about that?” he asked.

“Yeah, I have everything to say about that. Ever since I started to work for EyeBooks, we focused on only one product EyeBooks. It worked great for us, earned enough profits that we could produce more. Why do you want to change that?” I asked.

He kept his smile. Fucking bastard. I hate his cunning smile. “We are relying too much on single product. What would happen if our market goes down and EyeBooks loses its value?” he asked.

“EyeBooks is such revolutionary device that was to stay in market for long time,” I said.

“Is it? Then you are not as intelligent as I thought you would be. EyeBooks is revolutionary device, I agree. It came to popularity and earned profits by creating disruption. Nowadays, occurance of disruptions are more common. If we want to stay in market, we have to explore more products,” he said.

I was angry. What does an incompetent guy like Madhav knows about market, disruption and the value of EyeBooks. I clenched my fists. “It was sure fire way to split our focus. If our focus split, it was fastest way for EyeBooks to go out of market,” I said.

“I disagree. Look at Ipapers. They not only are dominating newspaper industry, but also are on their way towards entertainment industry, sports and much more. Their leads and shareholders increased, along with their profits,” he said.

“Short term gains. Look at a year or two down the line. They would be out of market so soon. They would burn themselves up focusing on such wide variety,” I said.

“Are you saying you can’t handle multiple products once you become CEO?” he said.

I was angry, so angry that I wanted to punch him in the face. Repeatedly. If he wanted to be the CEO, he should’ve been the competent one. But he was incompetent and all he does is talking. Glorious ones and fail miserably. I banged my hands on the table. It ached, but I ignored it. “Have you observed their profit percentage since last year?” I asked.

He was silent. Good, that means he was sputtering out whatever Radha had prepared for him. She would’ve suggested to learn more, but as I’ve already said, he was incompetent and also impatient. He ignored her. That was good for me. “Before they decided to go wide, their profits were 25%. But after making huge loans and they diverged their focus, it dipped to 12%. If you observed closely, you would see that Ipapers, which was their primary focus few months ago was in loss. Clients were coming to EyeBooks for contracts. They wanted to release news weekly, in form of magazines, through EyeBooks. I have final meeting with them to finalize that. As I’ve said already, by focusing only on EyeBooks, we are attracting more business. Soon, our profits would increase so much that we would catch up with what Ipapers earned, without the huge loan,” I said.

He swallowed and kept his mouth shut.

I glanced at my father. He nodded.

“Good. That settles matters for now. As Balu pointed out, we will focus on developing EyeBooks,” he said to all. He turned to me and said. “Once the plans are finalized, you debrief me of future plans and upgrades, as well as whom you wanted to appoint as new Head of Research Department.”

I nodded.

He turned towards Madhav. “I liked your idea of going wide, though what Balu said was true. But meet me in private so that we can discuss if there was any way we can go wide and still stay in the market,” he said.

Madhav nodded and one by one all of them left. Except for Raghav and Radha.

She was staring at me, using her free time. Raghav was waiting for me for our lunch.

But I was not focused on either of them.

I was angry. Angry at my father and angry at Madhav.

It seemed like I had won the battle today, but not the entire war. My father usually ignored Madhav, as he was incompetent and all. But since when did he started to discuss with Madhav in private. My father refused every attempt I made to discuss important matters with him.

Normally, I wouldn’t have annoyed me. But today was different.

My ex-girlfriend, the one that I dated last week and dumped last night, had went to Ipapers and gave an interview of how harsh I was to her on our dates, how I used her up and once I stole her virginity, I left her. I know even before dating her that she slept with many. But I don’t have any ways to prove that.

My father had yelled at me when he saw Ipapers, he was so angry that he skipped breakfast, which was something that he does rarely. Only when he was so angry. He had composed himself in the meeting alright.

Or it was what I thought. It seemed that he still remembered it. I thought it was the reason why my father listened to Madhav, decided to discuss with him further while he just asked me to debrief him once my plans were prepared.

I wanted to make EyeBooks dominate the market. It’s main goal was making people read more. Make it a habit. It might be comics, novels, biographies or self-help books. It might even be news or novelisations of popular TV shows. I want them to be addicted to EyeBooks.

I could achieve all of that if I become CEO of EyeBooks once my father retired. But the false interviews and Madhav were not helping me at all.

Since Madhav was an incompetent and impatient one, I could ignore him. But that would prove to be dangerous already.

That doesn’t mean that I had time to focus only on him either. I wanted EyeBooks to dominate market afterall.

Radha’s appreciative glances towards me the entire meeting suggested that she was into me. I could use her to keep an eye on Madhav. She was Madhav’s secretary after all.

We both would benefit if I dated her and in return she exchanged Madhav’s plans, even though they are incompetent or incompetent. She would get to be my girlfriend for however I wished and we both could explore ourselves physically.

Yeah, I would date Radha, make be my eyes when it comes to Madhav.

I looked up at her and smiled. “Are you free tonight?” I asked.

She grinned. “Yeah?” she said.

“How about we go on a romantic dinner?” I asked.

She gasped. After few wide-eyed glances at me, she nodded.

Great. I had to make her be my eyes. That was an easy task once we explore ourselves physically. Which I intended to do on our date today.


I didn’t edit it, just corrected typos after one hour of writing session.

The format I’ve used is scenes and sequels from Deborah Chester’s Fantasy Fiction Formula.


Setup, Goal, Conflict and Disaster.


Emotional aftermath, Analytical thought, Review of previous story events, Weighing of options, Making a decision, Taking action.

I’ll explain it more once I get solid understanding using a scene and sequel from this project in future blog posts.

Please comment your opinions.

Until next time,

Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.

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