NaNoWriMo Day 3

Hello everyone,
Since I was travelling yesterday, I dind’t get to do second day of NaNoWriMo. But I had free time today and here is what I’ve written on second day. If I have time during night, I would write another chapter and uploat it as well.

Chapter 2: Shyamala

I stared at my computer, made sure that I finished working on the update that I should be checked in to Central Repository tonight. I had to work all the week with little rest, to complete this update. But it was worth it.
I glanced at the photo beside the monitor and smiled. It had pictures of me and Lalitha, smiling with arms on each others shoulders. Another one had a picture of me and Radha. I was frowning in the picture while Radha had her dazzling smile.
Everything about her is so attention grabbing. Like she was born to grab eyes from everyone. Her face was perfect, her eyes, her smile as well. Her chest area was large, while mine was flat. That fact that it irritated me the most. She had flat stomach while I had little flabby that could be seen through even the loose dress.
I realized that I was frowning. No, it would keep people out from reaching me.
But it had it’s own benefits. Like I could be left alone to do the thing that I most wanted to do in the world. To make people read more. Using software.
“I told you many times, not to keep a photo of you and your sister,” Lalitha said.
I smiled. Having her by my side was a huge relief to me.
“I told you she was my sister and it was to be displayed,” I said.
Lalitha shook her head. “No, you are doing it because it was the way your sister wanted it,” she said.
I frowned. No, that was not the reason. I genuinely liked my sister, though she can be a heap of trouble with her obsessive nature and all. But, I sighed. “You are wrong,” I said, making multiple backups of my code before checking it in central repository.
Meanwhile, I turned to Lalitha. “How much more before your’s is finished?” I asked.
She shook her head. “Don’t even remind me that. I don’t know how you can work so much. Mine was nothing when compared to yours and yet you still find time to finish it in half the time I would have taken. Just thinking up about it is giving me a headache,” she said, rubbing her temples.
“I like to code and that’s all,” I said.
My computer pinged and I glanced that two copies were already stored locally. I opened one of them and left it at the screen while I moved other copy to different location.
She chuckled. “Why do you keep making so many copies?” she asked.
“You know,” I said. When she stared, I sighed. “Radha.”
“I don’t understand how you can tolerate her. Just being with her for few minutes is enough to give me worse headache than working on the code for months,” she said.
I frowned. No, she doesn’t know what it means to be having a sister. She was a single child after all. “Having a sister can be helpful,” I said. My voice was weak even to me. But I pushed it away.
“No, having a friend can be helpful,” she said.
I nodded. A friend just like Lalitha.
“If you’ve finished discussing how horrible I was, we can concentrate on more important things,” Radha said.
I stiffened. She had that effect on me.
“What could be more important than finished her work?” Lalitha asked.
“That is none of your business,” Radha said.
“It is when it comes to Shyamala,” she said.
They both glared at each other.
I wanted to be alone. I just wish both of them would understand that. But it seems that was not what they wanted to do.
They glared daggers, like deciding who among them was more worthy of my attention.
“Lalitha, boss called you earlier. Why don’t you go and look into it?” I asked.
She ignored me.
I grew angry. Just what do they think they are, fighting for my attention and ignoring me at the same time.
I reached for her hand and squeezed her hand.
“Only because of you I am backing down. But one day, even you can’t stop me from ruining the smile off her face,” Lalitha said, glaring at me. I swallowed, but was relaxed when she let go of my hand and walked away.
I turned to Radha. She was smiling at Lalitha’s back, as if she just had won a battle and I sighed.
“What is this most important thing?” I asked.
She smiled more. “Oh! I almost forgot that. Do you know who had just asked me out on a date?” she asked.
“Madhav?” I asked.
She shook her head. Ever since we stepped into office, she didn’t stop gushing how much she loved Madhav. It had to do with the fact that he was second in line to become the CEO of EyeBooks, just before Balu.
But since Balu was a player, a manwhore, she decided to settle with Madhav. Being girlfriend of even wife of Madhav would give her all the attention she wanted. They exchanged few words and that’s all. But she said he was interested on her.
“If it isn’t Madhav, then I don’t know who might’ve asked you out that would make you be this excited,” I said.
She frowned. It meant that she had expected more from me. I shook my head. “Look, if you are not going to tell, then at least give me some space so that I can finish checking in current update into Central Repository so that my boss can review it before finalizing the current update,” I said.
“Your work is more important to you than my personal life?” she demanded.
I let out frustrated sigh. Of course it is, but I didn’t want her to know that. She would be upset. “I should finish it by today afternoon,” I said.
“Then do it after we talk,” she said.
“This update is more in size, so it takes more time to upload it into Central Repository,” I said.
“You are meant to tell me the code you wrote is more? Don’t you know even I studied along with you. I know how much a code would occupy,” she said.
I shook my head. “No, the code would usually take less space, but not the images. I had put in loads of images and resources that makes readers experience more pleasant,” I said.
“If you are not interested, then stop making lame excuses,” she said, crossing her arms.
I wanted to pull my hair off, but it was the only thing about me that I am proud of. “Just let me start the check in process, then we can discuss about your dating life,” I said.
“No way,” she said. “You need to get a life. Work is not everything,” she said.
“Are you calling me a workaholic?” I asked.
“Yes,” she said.
I glared. “I am not.”
“Yes you are.”
“What’s the proof?”
“When was the last time that you dated?” she asked.
I frowned. I racked my brain for it. “I … back in college?” I asked.
“Yeah, back in college. That was four years ago,” she said.
“But that doesn’t mean I am workaholic.”
“Yes you are. But if you want more proof, then here it is,” I was about to interrupt her, but when she glared, I swallowed. “You’ve never been in a relationship. And for the past one month, you’ve barely left your cubicle. Except for taking coffee or food. But since Lalitha was your nice friend that she was, she got food to your food when you forget about it.
“The dark circles under your eyes are the signs of you sleeping barely since last week. I don’t know you how you are even sitting on chair,” she was breathing hard by the time she finished.
I stayed silent. Not I was not a workaholic. I repeated it to myself so many times that I started to believe it.
“Why am I even wasting my time on you?” she asked.
I ignored her and started the Check in process.
“Oh, that’s right. I am your elder sister. It was I who had to remind you from time to time that you need to have a life,” she said.
I ignored her and when a screen popped open, prompting me to chose the local file that I wanted to check in.
“Don’t ignore me, damn it,” she said.
When I didn’t replied, she let out a frustrated sigh. “If you keep on doing that, I would stop talking to you forever,” she said.
I went to the folder that has my backup.
“Fine, if work is so much important to you than my personal life, if you refuse to believe that you are workaholic and are not living your life, then I don’t care. But since you are my sister and all, I would remind you from time to time about it,” she said, pushed my chair away with the strength she gained by going to gym.
I gasped, let out a sharp cry. She closed the window, then went to the location I’ve kept my copy that I was supposed to check in and deleted it.
“There you go,” she said, tears trailing down her cheek.
She turned sharply and left.
I stared at the computer screen. She didn’t just moved it to recycle bin, she deleted it completely.
I was numb. I had worked hard for finish this update. I slept barely, had little food and pushed through the past week pretty much on coffee given to me by Lalitha. I even put the food away in the dustbin because it was distracting me.
Tears welled in my eyes and I let them fall.
All my hard work, for the past month, the best work I had done in my entire carrier, was lost with the click of button.
All because I refused to listen to her dating life, which was supposed to be more important than my work here.
She wanted attention and there were people out there who are pouring it to her more than she wanted. But she refused all of them and had to come to me.
Didn’t she know that today was the deadline to submit the current version of EyeBooks. That my part of the code was most important to it?
No, I don’t think she knows that. All she knows is that I don’t want to listen to her, didn’t want to go shopping with her, and when she asked for my advice and when I give it, ignore it completely saying that I had no experience in dating life.
How can I keep myself distant from her and her actions when she wanted to see me every hour, if given a chance?
Radha was my sister. She had been pampered, since we were children, both at home as well as at school.
It’s like we’ve trained her to be like that, always be the centre of attention since childhood and when someone ignored her, especially when I ignore her, she would threw a tantrum like this.
Usually, that wouldn’t have upset me. But had to go and delete the update that I’ve been working hard for entire month.
Every since I experienced the joy of reading books and was introduced to EyeBooks, ever since I came to know that by using coding, I can make the experience of reading better, make them addicted to reading, I dreamt of learning the coding and contribute my efforts to make enhance that experience better.
Other than Lalitha, books are my friends and family. They were better than real world. I wanted to make people realize this thought and go and read more books.
I can’t do that if Radha keeps coming in my way. What should I do?
Could I distance myself from her?
No, I couldn’t. she was my sister after all. To my dismay, we both work with few rooms separating us.
While I was busy with coding and in meetings, she had loads of free time. She wanted to eat with me, talk to me about anything on her breaks.
Then when we go to home, she wanted me to go on shopping with her, talk about or in my case, listen to her dating life and boys.
I also couldn’t ignore her forever. I had to apologize to her as soon as I cooled down.
I cried. All people surrounding me gave me weird looks, but I ignored them.
I just remembered that I had kept multiple copies of he work at different locations. I could check in any one of them into Central Repository. All I had to do was make minor changes and viola, my update would be done within an hour.
It was because of Radha that I started to keep multiple copies of my work. She had deleted my case study, while we were under training. To my dismay, she was my partner and I had to do all the work. I liked work and agreed to happily do it.
But when I refused to go on a movie with her, she was so frustrated that she deleted the entire project.
I had to beg my instructor and show my grades in the training to give me extended time to finish my work.
But I can’t keep on making backups and all. What would happen if she comes and deletes the project before I could even make a back up. Or if the work was so hectic that I forgot to make a backup in the first place?
Also there is this mysterious person who had asked her out for date. I don’t know who he was, but if it makes her happy and out of my hair’s way, then it was okay with me.
I could help her and get under good grace. If I was lucky, then she would be serious about this person and at least he would keep her out of my way.
Even though it might be unlikely, but what choice did I have?
I decided to help on her date.
But I first made certain changes and checked in the code in Central Repository. It was going to take some time, so I ran it in the back ground while I tied my hair in a knot and kept it in place by using a pencil.
I pushed myself off the chair and went to her cubicle.
She was sobbing, I put my hands on her shoulder and pulled her.
“Sorry,” I said.
She kept on sobbing. I rubbed her back and when she composed herself, I sighed.
“Let’s get you ready for your date with the mysterious man,” I said.
Just like that she smiled.
Even though sometimes it made me angry, this time, I was relieved and smiled as well.
Hand in hand, with a smile on our faces, we stepped out of the office and on our way towards the shopping mall.
So what do you think of it.

My word count as of Day 3 of NaNoWriMo is 4128.

What about you? What’s your progress so far?.
Please share it in your comments.

Until next time,
Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.

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