NaNoWriMo Day 4 & 5

Hello everyone,


Confusion on Day numbers. So, I’ve updated correct days.


I wrote little on Day 4 of NaNoWriMo and normal on Day 5.

This was because I prepared detailed dialogue for a scene for Day 4, which extended to Day 5. I had to keep the planing sections brief, of what would happen in a sentence or two. That way, I was free to write without worry.

I would write this way on Day 6 and 7 and let you know how it fared.

Without further ado, here’s what I’ve written on Day 4 and 5.


Day 4:

Chapter 3: Balu


I am with Raghav in my office room. He was sitting in front of me, with his hand on the special table, with two chairs.

He was angry at me and even though I know the reason, I decided to ignore it.

Instead, I focused on the certificates and photos that are displayed on the wall by my side. I wanted to have a huge mirror that reflected my most precious photos with dignitaries, but it would be too arrogant, my father said. So I had let go of that thought. Instead, I put my certificates by the sides.

We were sitting on comfortable chairs with adjustable height feature it. I would prefer the couches that were present in by our right side, but since Raghav was angry at me, I would like to keep my distance between us.

He would be everywhere that I go, well except my intimate personal life. Which was most of the time, but I don’t know from where he got the time to work on his body that would put a body builder to shame.

The silence was killing me, but I want him to speak first. I know it’s childish when it comes to friends, but we were friends since our childhood so I think such behaviour doesn’t count here.

Besides, he was the only one with whom I can relax and be myself.

Half an hour had passed and I am already ready to break the silence. We should be discussing about the upcoming meeting with the magazine heads to finalize the deal of publishing their magazines in EyeBooks weekly.

But Raghav was so concerned about my dating life that, friend or not, he was crossing lines. I want him to stop interfering with me when it comes to my dating life.

“Oh, come on. Why are you so angry at me?” I asked, unable to break the silence.

“Don’t you know why?” he asked.

I ran a frustrated hand through my hair. Why can’t he talk with me, instead of glaring at me and all? I clenched my fists. “There is nothing wrong with me dating Radha,” I said.

“Nothing wrong? Everything is wrong when you date her. No, not only her. Everything is wrong when it comes to you dating others,” he said.

I gritted my teeth. “No,” I shouted.

“No! Just hear to what you are saying. I know that you asked Radha out only to keep an eye on Madhav,” he said. I was about to object him when he continued. “Wait. There was one more reason why you asked her out. To enjoy. Once you satisfied your lust, you would discard her like she was a thing.

“Every time that happens, I had to clean up your mess. This time, it is different though. If you hadn’t observed, Radha is gullible. You should see the way she was with Shyamala,” he said.

I resisted the urge to ball my fists and bang it up on the table. Of course this has to be because of Shyamala, whom Raghav was in love with since 2 years.

How can anyone love Shyamala?

Even thouh she was good in coding. She was good only in it. Looks wise, she was complete opposite to Radha.  She was not interested in love.


Day 5


“I think you are worried about Shyamala,” I said.

He stuttered. “No,” he said.

“Yes, you are.”

“No. I am not,” he paused. “Wait, I am worried about her. She is special.”

“To you, maybe. But not to me. She is plain boring.”

“She is special. If you get to know her more, you probably will.”

“Even if the world is about to end and she was the only one left besides me, I will not date her,” i said.

He looked at me as if it’s my loss. “Then you definitely date her,” he said.

I resisted the urge to snap at him. What part of me not dating her even if she were the last woman on earth doesn’t he understood? “I get it. Let me put it to you plainly. Shyamala is not my type,” I said.

“Then Radha is?” he asked.

I groaned. Why did he kept on bringing both of them into this. As far as I knew he loved Shyamala. Did I read it wrong? I shook my head. “Yes, she is my type. Big chest, gorgeous face, kissable lips, perfect figure,” I said.

I was already getting hard imagining her features, her hot gaze at me in the meeting.

“She is into Madhav,” he said.

I was angry. Just like that, my hardness was lost. Madhav’s name has such effect upon me. “Then why did she agree to date with me or why did she looked at me with so much lust in the first place?” I asked.

“She craves attention just like you crave control.”

“I don’t crave control. Wherever I go, I am in control,” I said.

“I am talking about you controlling others. Besides, she might be doing this to make Madhav jealous,” he said.

“I don’t care why she agreed but I am not controlling others,” I said.

“Yes, you are. Each and every one of them you meet. Without knowing, you try to control others. When to meet, what to talk about. Not valuing their feelings,” he said.

I was silent. I was so angry that I wanted to punch him. If the table weren’t between us, I would’ve already hit him. But when I tried to open my mouth, he shook his head and walked away.

I stared at his retreating figure with disbelief. How can he walk away like that, without my permission.

You are a control freak.

No, I am not. I am not control freak and if he walks away, I don’t care about it. Not at all. Then why am I clenching my fists so hard and banging my hands on the table repeatedly.

I don’t know.

What was his problem anyway? I can date whomever I want and how I behave with them is my concern. Not his. I hadn’t asked him to clean up my mess.

But as a friend, it was his duty.

If Radha dates me and sleeps with me to make Madhav jealous, that was her wish. They are not in a relationship. If she slept with me when she was in relationship with him, then it was entirely different matter.

As I’ve already said, Madhav was incompetent and impatient. When it comes to love, he was too slow to realize it. It’s like his life ambition was to turn people away from him.

If Madhav realizes his true feelings for her and asked her out, she would leave him. It was the same for Raghav also. If he was not clear about his feelings towards Shyamala and ask her out, she would leave him for another one. Though, I prayed for the poor soul’s sanity.

As far as I am concerned, I would leave Shyamala once I got the information I needed about Madhav form her. Or if I get bored from her. I would found out what I need from other means. After all, Radha was not the only one who loved or eyed Madhav for the money.

But what should I do about Raghav? I can’t leave him like this. I had to help him.

Just like he was ready to clean up my mess after I leave my girlfriends, I would help him to get the girl he wants, whether he likes my help or not.

How dare he call me control freak, when he was the one who tries to control whom I date and for how long?

He didn’t have any right to be angry at me.

He should leave me alone. If he doesn’t I can’t concentrate on my work. We he did leave me alone now and I was not able to concentrate on work anyways.

I wanted EyeBooks to dominate the market, enrich the users experience of reading the books. I wanted them to be addicted to EyeBooks. But to do that, I needed his help. As he displayed with my ex-girlfriends, he was good at managing people. I am not.

Ignoring him isn’t an option. He was my friend and I needed him more than I liked to admit.

I couldn’t waste my time by mending things between us either. I wanted to prepare for gazillion things that I had to do in the next few months. Starting with preparing debrief and presentation of how I am planning to deal with magazine heads and their weekly publishing on EyeBooks.

I had to set him up with Shyamala. Either by his own will or by forcing him. That way, he can be out of my head and I can focus on my hand. As an added bonus, he gets to date Shyamala. If everything clicks in place, then he would be happy. It would be an added bonus.

From the way other girls gaze at him, even some boys, he was irresistible. Of course, their eyes turns in my direction if I was in the same room as him.

I smiled as a thought struck me.

What if I could set him up with Shyamala by using Radha? As he said, Radha was gullible. When it comes to Shyamala, it has no limits. I would ask Radha for a double date. Me with her while Raghav with Shyamala.

That way, all of us could be satisfied.

I called Radha.

She picked up after a couple of rings.

“Yeah,” she said, sultry. I felt myself hardened. I resisted the urge to groan and once I composed myself, I said.

“You love your sister?” I asked.

“Of course, she was my little sister after all,” she said.

“Good. Do you want her to come out of her pigeonhole and have a life?” I asked.

She was silent for a moment. I don’t know what that meant. But I don’t care. If it doesn’t work, I will make use of other means.

“Yes,” her voice was tight.

“Then how about this, a double date. Me with you and she with Raghav. My friend loves her and was afraid to ask her out. Make her go to Madhav and ask him out for a date. That way, we could keep an eye on them while we enjoy ourselves,” I said.

“Interfere with their date, spice things up if it becomes too dull. Alright. Leave that to me,” she said and cut the call.

Well, she was not in love with me. Or she wanted me to fell this way. Whatever, I don’t care.


That’s it for today folks. What you think about it?

Also mention in comments about your progress this NaNoWriMo.

Until Next Time,

Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.

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