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NaNoWriMo Day 6 & 7

Hello everyone,


Confusion on Day numbers. Hence I’ve updated the new day. Day 5 is changed to Day 6, Day 6 to Day 7.


How are you today? I just finished writing Day 7 of NaNoWrimo and as of today, I wrote 7389 words.

I didn’t write on Day 6 as I was travelling and it was very late by the time I reached my PG. Today, I thought of writing two chapters, but I ended up writing only one. That too only 1478 words.

According to goal set by NaNoWriMo, I should write 1667 words everyday. Since it was already 6th day, I should’ve written 10,002 words.

But I’ve skipped two days. For those who are calculating, excluding the two days I hadn’t written, my average word count for 4 days that I wrote is 1847. Including the days I skipped, it is 1231.

I work hard to catch up to it by the end of this week.

I faced few problems today. I felt like not writing today, since I skipped yesterday. But if I skip few more days, it would be difficult to continue. So I went outside for a walk, drank an average tea and came back.

When I sat down, I broke my chapter into scene and sequel and wrote it in three 15 minutes sprint.

Here is the break break down of chapter into scenes and sequels.


Can Shyamala stop Radha from forcing her into double date with Raghav?




Shyamala, Radha.



Shopping mall, trial room, a couch in front of it.

What’s going on?:


Radha selected an outfit which Shyamala doesn’t like. They were arguing about that when Radha gets a call from Balu and informs about double date.



Verbal statement.

To Stop Radha from forcing her into double date.



Verbal disagreement.

Shyamala doesn’t want to come while Radha tries to convince her, then thretean her. Breaks down in front of all and this is the only way she was going to get Madhav’s attention, make him jealous. Balu wants Shyamala to accompany Raghav, otherwise, there’s no date.



Fuming, Shyamala agrees.


Emotional aftermath:




Analytical thought of the problem:

Every whim of her has to be satisfied, even if it hurts her as well as others. Already came shopping with her, now this? Especially when she knows I was not into relationship. Why am I tolerating her in the first place?



She was my sister. my duty. to give opinion on her dress and accompany her. she discards it.
I – no knowledge in dating.
But forcing to bring her along. It’s not a date. But business or bargaining.
going to hurt her.
she had to deal with her when it was over.
if she comes in my way all the time, how am i going to code EyeBooks better?

Weighing options:


Back out. but already agreed.
Go and suffer. but hates dating.
Raghav nice guy. He would listen if she says.
Don’t know how he reacts, but have to try.



Decides to ask Raghav to act like they were having good time.



Calls Raghav and informs him.


What do you think of it?


Without any delay, here’s what I’ve written on Day 6.


Day 7


 Chapter 4: Shyamala


We are looking at dresses for the past two hours, two precious hours where I could’ve brainstormed new ideas for improving EyeBooks code.

But I had already promised to Radha that I would help her choose the dress and I can’t back down now.

I wanted to pull my hair if she doesn’t settle on a dress. She had tried many dresses and all of them are too exposing.

I sat on the couch opposite to the trial room that Radha was in.

Radha stepped out of the room and twirled for me. “It shows too much clevage,” I said.

She frowned, looked at her chest and grinned. “Just the way I liked. Besides, if I can’t use it to my advantage, they are going to go waste,” she said.

I was angry. I don’t know why she asked me to go shopping to her if she didn’t value my opinions. I shook my head. “If one falls seeing your clevage, then it’s better to not go into date with him at all,” I said.

She smiled. “I am going into this date to make Madhav jealous,” she said.

“Then why all the preparation?” I said.

“I have to look the part. The more sexy I looked, the more jealous he becomes,” she said.

I wanted to smack my head. She has a different view of being sexy. “If you show too much skin, it would be called sultry, not sexy. Besides he would be so angry that he might leave you,” I said.

She chuckled. “What do you know about boys by the way. The last time you dated was back in college. 4 years had gone since and that’s way too long for you to judge my tactics of trying to make Madhav jealous,” she said.

I groaned. She treated me like I was a child when it comes to dating. I may not date people in real life, but I had read and watched them in movies and can categorize people pretty fairly. Like Madhav, who was direct in his approach and possessive. Radha, who was indirect and clingy. “Whatever, are you done?” I asked.

She shook her head. I had few more dresses to try. She said, just then her phone rang.

She smiled sheepishly at me and answered the call. I still didn’t know whom she was going to date, to make Madhav jealous.

As long as I was not dragged into her mess, I don’t care.

Radha gasped.

I went to her, to see if something was wrong. Her eyes were on the edge of tears.

“What?” I asked.

“It’s Balu. He said it’s a double date. You and Raghav. Balu and me. It happens only if you come,” she said.

I was horrified. Balu. She was going to date Balu, out of all people out there. If she wanted to make Madhav jealous, then nothing works better than Balu. Their rivalry was known throughout EyeBooks. But if she made Madhav too jealous, the relationship that they are going to have would not going to last forever.

Besides, I don’t want to start dating, not when everything in my life is going on smoothly.

“No. I don’t want to come, dating someone I don’t even love,” I said.

“Madhav is a nice guy,” she said.

“Everyone is nice guy to you if it helps you to get a date,” I said.

If she was not horrified before, she was now. “How can you say something like that?” she asked.

I wanted to slap her. But I resisted the urge. She doesn’t get it. She was willing to do anything to get what she wanted, any means necessary. She was ready to use others, even if it was me, and was not afraid to hurt them.

“It’s the truth. Just ask your friends,” I said.

“No, they would never say something like that. They are loyal to me and it was you who has such dirty thoughts inside your head,” she said.

“They are not loyal, but afraid. You have that ability to make anyone scared,” I said.

Her eyes watered, hands trembling as she put her hand to her mouth. “How can you…” she struggled.

I groaned. I didn’t want to face her when she was like that. Drama and all. Even if she says it was real, it might be, I am not ready. “Just call him and say I was sick,” I said.

“You were never sick and everybody knows about that. It’s just a date. Why can’t you come?” she asked.

“As I already said, I am not interested in dating. Not someone like Raghav or anyone at this moment. I don’t have time or emotions to waste on them. I have enough to deal with already. Why don’t you call him and …” I struggled to find words.

She shook her head. “No, I can’t. He specifically said to bring you along with me, for a double date. If you don’t come, then there’s no date,” she said.

I wanted to smile so broadly that it ached. Balu had given her an option. Why can’t she just use it and save herself from her heart break? I went to her and put my hands on hers. “It’s for your own good. Call him now and say to hell with the date,” I said.

She was crying loudly. The others turned to see what the ruckus was about and I wanted to clamp my hand over her mouth. She was making enough scene already.

“You don’t get it. There’s no way someone like me could make Madhav jealous so easily. Now that I got a chance, you wanted to ruin it. I am not asking you to enter into a relationship with Raghav, just a date with him and that’s it. Can’t you do it for me?” she said.


“You are worst sister. He said there’s no date if you don’t come. That shows how much I mattered to him.”

“You get to see my point.”

“But what I didn’t know was how little I mattered to you. You don’t want me to be happy,” she said and cried more.

I don’t think I can handle her at the same time deny her what she wanted.

“Okay. Stop crying. I will come, but only today,” I said.

She sniffled for some time. When she composed herself, she took her phone and called Balu.

I was so angry that I clutched my phone till my knuckles turned white. It ached, but the pain was more welcome than what was going to happen today evening. A date.

It was always the same with Radha. Every whim of her needs to be satisfied, no matter what the cost. Even if it hurts others or herself.

I alreay accompanied her in shopping, now she wanted me to waste more time by going on this double date?

She knows that I am not into relationships. Why am I even tolerating her in the first place?

She was my sister. It was my duty to help her in her relationships, accompany her on shopping and movies. Give my opinion on her dresses, which she discards like it was not worth even to hear it.

I have no knowledge in dating. But I gained experience by reading novels and watching movies. If Balu was forcing her to bring me along with her for a double date, then it’s not a date. It’s a business. He was only going to hurt her and I had to deal with the her when it was over.

Even though she had more friends, she would come to me sobbing and red-eyed. I can’t resist but console her since she was my sister.

But if she barges into my way all the time, demand my time then how am I going to make EyeBooks software better?

I can’t back out as I’ve already agreed to go to date today.

I can’t go and suffer on the date either. Ever since I saw how it hurt me during break ups, how hear broken my sister was after her relationships, I hated them. I hated dating.

From what I know, Raghav was a nice guy. He dates rarely. He was looking for long term relationships and hadn’t dated for a long time. It might be the reason Balu was trying to set us up in the first place. I think he was using Radha to set us up. But that doesn’t give him the right to use my sister, break her heart and walk away like he had did with others.

I decided to ask Raghav, to act like we are having a good time. Hopefully, he agrees. Otherwise, I can’t do anything about that. But I have to try.

I called him and informed my plans.

He cut the call.


What’s your progress this NaNoWriMo? Please mention it in comments. Once I catch up with my word count, I will post a blog on scenes, sequels and a concept called MR Units for writing.

I hope, by writing it, I would help you guys improve your writing, as well as help me understand more about the techniques I was using to write.


Until Next Time,

Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.

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