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NaNoWriMo Day 10 & 11

Hello everyone,

I am proud to say that I wrote on both Day 10 and 11 of NaNoWriMo. I was worried my past streak of writing for a day, then skipping the next day, then writing the next day and skipping the next day, was going to continue on.

On Day 10, I felt like not writing. I procrastinated writing on that day till the night. I felt like it was foolish to write it and not a good writer.

Since I like to write in 15 minute sprints, I thought one sprint is  enough to break the streak of skipping a day after I wrote one day and sketched scene and sequel for the chapter.

Once I completed the first sprint though, I was interested to write just one more. Once it’s done, only some part of the chapter left, like some part of sequel and I thought just one more sprint. I thought I could complete the chapter and wrote the third sprint. And I did complete the chapter and the sprint.

I wrote 1773 words on Day 10 using 3 15 minute writing sprints.

With that, I completed first section, You,  of total 8 sections in Fake Girlfriend, according to the story circle or plot embryo method I used to structure my story around.

On Day 11, I thought what I’ve written was not good enough. I felt like pulling my hair. How in the world am I going to write another chapter, considering I only know vaguely what the next chapter was going to be.

But, I read the Need section I prepared for Fake Girlfriend and thought that I should prepare a story bible, important features and some more things I mentioned in the chapters to know my characters more.

First, I arranged the scenes and sequels parts of 6 chapters in a document, then I read all the 6 chapters from starting.

I don’t like to brag or anything, but I thought I’ve written something good. I liked it and it boosted my morale. That I could become a good writer, shape this story to publishable level without much confusion.

Since I know which section goes where, thanks to Deborah Chester’s Fantasy Fiction Formula, I found out my weakest points in the story, the locale part and players part. All my major description would be there, once the story is finished and I edit it to fix all the plot holes that are going to be there, along with fixing the timeline and story structurally, I would edit the description of characters and locale.

And I also know that I need to work on sequels a little bit, but I am confident in fixing that along with fixing the entire chapter in Motivation and Reaction units.

So, as I prepared the story bible with major impressions of my characters present in the story, I felt inspired to write more.

By this point, I was getting a headache. Usually, making scene and sequel sketch for a chapter would take me 10 to 15 minutes, but yesterday, it took me better part of an hour. By the end, my head was aching so much that I thought I couldn’t write today. Skip it and write tomorrow.

Here comes the power of writing sprints. Since I write in 15 minutes sprints, I thought I could write just one sprint. After I finished it, I thought one more sprint and like that I completed 4 writing sprint for Chapter 7.

It seems like the first 15 minutes or first sprint is the hurdle I have to cross to successfully write that day’s quota.

I wrote 2527 words under 4 writing sprints. All under one hour, with 5 minutes break between a sprint. I am proud of that.

Since I finished the You section, I thought of including a post about what You section of story circle is and what it looked like in Fake Girlfriend. Since I wrote two chapters in two days, without skipping, this is already a long post.

So, I would include the details in future blog posts.

Without further ado, here’s the scene and sequel breakdown of Chapter 6 & 7 of Fake Girlfriend.


Scene and sequel breakdown of Chapter 6.




To convince Raghav that she was not trying to trap Balu into relationship and the date idea was not hers.



Shyamala, Raghav


Balcony of restaurant with street view

What’s going on?:

They wanted to give Balu and Radha some space.


Verbal statement. Convince Raghav that she was not trying to trap Balu into relationship and double date idea was not theirs.


Verbal disagreement. He hated acting. By calling him and asking him to act like they are enjoying the date, she had alienated his trust. Back and forth exchange, not a trap, trap.


Sees Balu and Radha kissing, leaving drunken. Raghav believes that it was a trap and leaves her alone to pay the bill and goes for checking on Balu and Radha.


Emotional aftermath:

Angry and cried.

Analysing the problem:

Balu and Radha had left her to deal with Raghav. He believes that they are trapping Balu. Radha’s actions are not helping. Called them gold diggers and all. How she going to make him realise the truth?

Review key points:

Working on update. First almost missed today’s deadline. Wasted time on shopping. Had to come to date, tolerate Raghav’s rude behaviour.

Now got called gold digger and trapper.

Raghav was important figure.

If she wanted her dream to come true, to make readers addicted to EyeBooks and make them read more, she had to clear his opinion of her. But today’s events proved it difficult.

Weighing of options:

She can’t ask Radha to behave, already damage done.

Can’t waste time pursuing Raghav. Make situation worse.

Ask Balu, but don’t know whether he would be free or not.


Ask Balu about money, make things clear between her and Raghu.


Took the receipt, and stepped out of the restaurant.


Scene and sequel breakdown of Chapter 7.




Can Balu convince Madhumitha to help him get information about Madhav?



Balu, Madhumitha.


His office room, two black couches.

What’s going on?:

Discussing his failed attempt at Radha with Madhumitha.


Can Balu convince Madhumitha to help him get the information about Madhav?


Verbal disagreement. But Madhumitha wanted nothing to do with Madhav. Was scared of him. he was the reason she was withdrawing in the first place. They had relationship secretly which she broke recently. He was angry at her and since the chances of him becoming CEO were there, she doesn’t want anything to do with him. He would appoint others as head of research dept. Hence she is quitting earlier. she wanted to discuss who would best suit the position.


She said she can’t help him and put the papers. But is willing to help him chose the next capable person in her place. Shyamala.


Emotional aftermath:

He was disappointed at Madhumitha for being so coward. surprised that she suggested Shyamala.

Analysis of problem:

Madhumitha was brave. Upon his advice, she started to date Madhav in secret, to know his secrets. who guarded them with utmost care and when he started to become more possessive, aggressive in relationship, she was easily scared.

Shyamala was reserved and easily manipulated. Coding, good but doesn’t think she can handle being head of research dept and face Madhav.

Review of key points:

Radha was dead set on making Madhav her’s. In this situation, if he asks Shyamala to help him, she would resent.

He hadn’t payed the bill yesterday either, she had paid for it and was sure to ask him the money. Yesterday night was disaster for Raghav and Shyamala. Hated each other. He was wrong about Raghav’s feelings.

She hadn’t handled Raghav well. He keeps an eye on research head through Raghav.

If he going to make Shyamala new research head and take her help to get info of Madhav’s plans, then it would create problems between Raghav, him, Shyamala and Radha.

Weighing of options:

Can’t ask Madhumitha for more. she was already scared enough.

Can’t look for anyone else, since it is time consuming.

It’s not going to be easy to put Shyamala as research head and extract info from Madhav either. Raghav had already called her gold digger and trying to trap me. If he knows about this, then he would make it difficult for her to work in the company.

But what choice does he have?

Or he could use Shyamala to make Radha get info from Madhav. Radha cares about her sister and he could use it to his advantage.


He would make Shyamala the new head of dept. and slowly get info he required.


He calls Shyamala and sets up meeting with Shyamala, Lalitha and Raghav.


Without further ado, here’s what I’ve wrote on Day 10 and 11.


Day 10


Chapter 6: Shyamala

I was standing on the balcony of the restaurant.
It was beautiful night, with the road and city filled with lights and vehicles. The moon light and starry night was a view that I wished to cherish at regular moments.
But today was not regular at any way.
I was forced to attend a double date. My sister Radha was dating Balu and I was supposed to date Raghav today.
I made the mistake of calling him before leaving, informed him to act like we were having good time so that Balu and Radha will be off our backs.
He cut the call, had been angry at me since we arrived.
His glares were evident for that. Were I not used to glares from my friend and boss, I would’ve been intimidated.
But still, Raghav’s glare was pretty discomforting.
All I wanted was for the night to be over quickly and smoothly. But from the start, it felt like the time was moving so slowly that I felt it hours had passed when in reality only half an hour had passed.
All the attempts made by Balu and Radha, to introduce us had failed. He kept on glaring and in return, I glared back.
I don’t think Balu and Radha would enjoy themselves, if they had to worry about us. So, I signalled at the balcony for Raghav, hoping he would understand what I was intending.
He shook his head and his glare intensified.
I was squirming on my feet, watched Radha frowning at me.
I hated to see that frown on her face.
I sighed and took out my phone.
Let’s not disturb them. We could glare at each other once we move to the balcony. I texted him.
He saw the text and nodded.
It had been 15 minutes since we reached the balcony and we hadn’t spoken a word since them.
The soft violin playing in the background, inside the room, was less audible from the balcony.
But it was enough to at least calm me down.
Raghav was standing by my side, his arms crossed and glaring at the moving vehicles below.
I thought it was not going to take us anywhere. So, I cleared my throat.
“What?” he grumbled.
I was shocked. I heard that Raghav was usually soft spoken. But the way he was behaving with me, he was anything but that.
Combining that with the imposing view he presented, it was making me intimidated.
I shook my head. “I don’t know what was wrong. Are you always like this? With girls?” I asked.
He glared. “I don’t like to act. When you called me and mentioned your intentions, it made me realise the truth,” he said.
“What would that be?” I asked.
“That your sister was trying to trap Balu. I was sure about that when Balu asked her out for date. When you called me and asked me…”
I was angry. How dare he assume that about my sister and me. “I didn’t called you to ask out for a date and my sister was not trying to trap your brother,” I said.
He stared at me, like he didn’t believed me and continued. “When you called me and asked out for double date, my suspicions were confirmed. Both you and your sisters were gold diggers, wanted to squeeze all the money that we can provide,” he said.
I was fuming by the time he finished. How dare he call us gold diggers, especially when he hadn’t even had the decency to spend few minutes talking to me or Radha. I clenched my fists. “It’s all your assumption. Get the facts first and then blame,” I said.
He glared. “I’ve met people like you. I don’t require to get the facts before judging both of you,” he said.
I glared right back at him. “I started to see why Balu had asked Radha to our double date. If you treat every women you met your life in such a way, you would be single forever,” I said.
“I am not single. It’s just that I don’t have time to waste on gold diggers when I could be working and protecting my friend.”
“Do you think I wanted this? I had an important update to check into central repository. Today was deadline and just because your friend had asked my sister out for a date, not the other way round, she came barging into my cubicle and asked me to help her out.
“Since it was pretty important update, I ignored her. As a result, she got angry and deleted my update. The one that I had worked hard for the last month.
“She was crying and to console her, I agreed to go shopping with her. I hate shopping. When I got there, surprise, surprise, she discarded my advice on her dress and the next thing I know, your friend had informed her that without me, there would be no date.
“You are not the only one who came to this date forcefully. Even I am also. We are not gold diggers, just middle class and hard working,” I said.
He was patient the entire time, as if he didn’t believe me. It was so infuriating that I almost hit him. No, I couldn’t lose control.
He was muscular, was looking at me like he wouldn’t hesitate to hit me.
I swallowed. “Look, my sister wanted to make Madhav jealous. That’s why she agreed to this date,” I said.
“I find it hard to believe, considering the way she was kissing him right now,” he said, looking back at Balu and Radha.
To my dismay, they were indeed kissing. Though, it was short, the physical tension between them was unmistakable.
“She would go to any length to get what she wanted,” I said.
“She wanted money, and not to ever work,” he said.
“No, she wanted to make Madhav jealous.”
“Then why is she kissing Balu?”
“To make Madhav jealous?” I asked.
“To trap him.”
“She is too intimate with him,” he said.
I frowned. She was being too intimate with him. I know she dated many guys to make Madhav jealous, but so far, I don’t know the details of her dating life.
“May be Madhav was watching them?” I asked.
He shook his head. “I’ve payed the waiters to inform me if Madhav was watching them. No one was here other than us,” he said.
“What about CCTV cameras?” I asked.
He grunted, but didn’t answered.
I would’ve persuaded him for more, but stopped myself. Balu and Radha were both walking away, too tipsy. Drunk.
“She is going to have sex with him and force him to marry her,” he said, walking away.
“No,” I said.
He didn’t listened to me.
I was about to follow him when the waiter came towards me and handed me the bill.
I had to pay.
I was angry as I put the pin number. Before my own eyes, I lost the money that I earned last month. Just for a simple dinner, that we had’t eaten properly.
I didn’t realise I was crying till I saw my tears splash against the debit card.
This was all Balu’s and Radha’s fault. If he hadn’t asked her out on a date nothing would’ve happened.
I should be working on the possible changes my boss was going to give to me tonight. But instead, I had to deal with Radha first. Then when we arrived here, they left me to deal with Raghav also.
Raghav believes that we are trying to trap Balu. Radha’s actions were not at all helping me anyways.
I had to listen to him while he called her gold digger.
How am I going to make him realise the truth?
I was happily working on the current update, making multiple copies on my system so that my hard work wouldn’t be wasted by a mistake.
A mistake did happen. I ignored Radha when she came to me and asked me to go shopping with her.
I ignored her.
She got so angry that she deleted and started crying.
I was the one who was supposed to cry. But I had experienced her ways long before, hence I checked in the current update into central repository using the backup copies I kept in my system, ran it as background process and came to help my sister.
She selected too revealing dresses and when I gave my opinion to her, she discarded it.
She then dropped a big bomb saying that I should also come to date along with her. A double date.
With Raghav.
Ever since we stepped inside, I had to suffer his rude behaviour and glares.
On the top of that, when I asked him to come to the balcony, the look he gave me suggested that he thought I was asking him to come out so that I could kiss him or do something else.
He don’t know anything about me. All I wanted was to give the space Balu and Radha needed.
Then when he did came out, he accused my sister of trapping Balu, me trapping him and also called us gold diggers.
Raghav was an important friend to Balu. If I wanted to make my dream come true, to make readers addicted to EyeBooks and make them read more, I had to make him realise the truth.
But if today’s events were any proofs, coming days were going to be more difficult.
What could I do now?
I can’t ask Radha to behave. The damage had already been done and she can’t change herself for anyone, especially me.
I can’t waste my time pursuing Raghav either. It would only make the situation worse by making me appear desperate.
I don’t know whether I could ask Balu to tell the truth to Raghav. He was busy with work or with women. I don’t think he would even glance at me, considering how ugly and normal I looked.
But I had to ask Balu. He was my only option.
I took the receipt that the waiter gave to me and winced at the amount. One month of my salary.
I shook my head.
Tomorrow, I would meet with him, present the bill and ask my money back. I hadn’t asked for to be invited to the date and suffer.
Once he gives the money back, I would ask him to make things clear between Raghav and us.
If possible, he might also apologise to her.
I put a note to myself as I walked out of the restaurant.



Day 11


Chapter 7: Balu

I was sitting in my office, on the couches that were there on the corner of my room. The couches were soft and black, sunk below when I sat on them.
Madhumitha, our current Head of Research Department, was sitting on the couch by my side.
She was in her early thirties, my senior by 2 years and attractive as hell. I lost my virginity to her when we were back in the college and it was the strangest part of my life where I fell in love with her.
Or that was what I thought we had between us. But as days progressed, I observed that what we had was not love. Only lust.
At the start of our relationship, I can’t wait to see her every morning. But as days progressed, I started to observe that there were days where I wished not to see her.
We ended our relationship in good terms and she remained one of my good friends since then.
My head was still aching from wine I consumed yesterday. I was still hating myself for losing control the way I did with Radha.
For the first time in my life, I was scared at the intensity of Radha. I was glad that her focus was not on me, but Madhav.
She was fierce as hell in the bed and a temptress as hell. Combine that with the revealing dress and shapely body, you could imagine a guy could be both in heaven and at hell at the same time.
Remembering our night was enough to turn me on and when Madhumitha cleared her throat, I was horrified. She was able to see my hardness form where she was and I put the newspaper on my lap to cover it.
Usually, her reaction to such things was chuckling or laughing out loud. But not today.
She was nervous as hell from the start and her hands were shaking. That was not the brave woman I had known her to be.
Something seriously wrong had happened to her and what kind of friend am I to her, thinking about what happened yesterday night where in I should’ve asked her what’s wrong with her life?
If she were not my friend, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. But since she was my friend, I had to ask her well being.
I was about to do that when she cleared her throat again.
“What?” I asked.
“Tell me how yesterday’s date went?” she asked.
I find it difficult to tell yesterday’s events. Not only had I lost my control, but my attempt at setting up Raghav and Shyamala was utter failure. But still, she was my friend and I have to tell her the truth.
“Mine was successful, though I was seduced by Radha successfully and lost control. But …” I paused thinking how best I could explain what had happened yesterday.
“Let me guess, Raghav ruined another chance of you trying to set him up?” she asked.
I grimaced. She was right on the spot. “Yeah. He called Radha a gold digger and both her and Shyamala as opportunist, trying to trap me into marriage,” I said.
She shook her head. “Radha doen’t care about that. But ask him to apologise to Shyamala. She was sensitive and would take it to heart. Though, she would say it didn’t affect her. She would immerse herself in coding, to forget the bad that had happened to her,” she said.
I was surprised. This was news to me. “You and Raghav were behaving like she was someone special,” I said.
She smiled. The kind of smile that I fell for when we were back in the college. “Yeah. She is special. Otherwise, why would Radha wanted to be with her most of the time when all other wanted her attention. Lalitha, you know she never makes friends easily. Why do you think she masks her heritage and makes friendship with her as a normal girl?” she asked.
I shook my head. I don’t care about Shyamala. All I wanted was to know the plans of Madhav. I not only failed to set up my friend with Shyamala, but also failed to get information from Radha. Or more specifically, I would never get information from her as she was sexy as well as temptress who wears short dress and reveals much of her body to distract me.
“Let’s talk about …” I was about to say, but she interrupted me.
“So, how did it go with Radha?” she asked.
I groaned. Thinking about her is making me hard again. I wanted to ask her why she was nervous as hell and why she was avoiding my attempts to ask her about the same. But she wanted to keep her mind off such thoughts for now. If that was what she wanted, I would gladly help her.
“She was temptress as hell. She would be a distraction and if I wanted to get information of Madhav’s plans, I would have to look at other places,” I said.
She frowned. “I knew from the start that this was not going to work. Especially when Raghav vent all his frustration to me yesterday about how you are forcing him to go out on date along with him and tolerate Radha’s presence, I knew it was not going to last for much longer,” she said.
I sighed. It seems like everyone seems to know dating Radha was wrong other than me. I ran my hands through my hair and stared at the wall. “Anyways, the question now is how am I going to get the information regarding Madhav’s plans?” I asked.
She stiffened. She knew what I was about to ask her. That’s good. There is no need for me to begin sweet talk. “I can’t help you this time,” she said.
I chuckled. She must be joking. I stared at her and when she turned her gaze away from mine, I was worried. “What happened?” I asked.
“I want nothing to do with Madahv,” Madhumitha said.
I was worried. She said it in rush, as if saying his name would be dangerous to her. I put my hand on the top of her hand . “Did he do something?” I asked.
She shook her head. But she was trembling as if she were remembering a bad dream. “My relationship with him is not working. He no longer was in love with me, keeps to himself and ignores my calls. I was so heart broken these past days that I didn’t even function properly. If it weren’t for Shyamala and Lalitha, we should’ve postponed our current update,” she said.
I was worried as hell now. I had asked her to start a relationship with Madhav, to be my eyes. At first, she gave information frequently. But as days progressed, that became less and less.
At least, I thought they were happy in relationship. But since couple of months, I hadn’t seen them together. That’s why I was not worried about sleeping with Radha.
“Did he hurt you?” I asked.
“No, he didn’t. But he was angry all the time. Someone leaked information that I was your eyes on him. I told him the truth and convinced him that I was truly in love. But since then things were not same between us,” she said.
“Then why didn’t you informed me earlier?” I said.
“He asked me not to. It was the least I could do for him. And since even he has the chances of him becoming CEO, at least not as much chance as you have, I was scared,” she said.
“There is no reason to be scared,” I said.
“No, there is every reason to be scared. You do not know him as much as I do and he has a major advantage over you,” she said.
“I have all the advantage over him in this world,” I said.
“No, you see that thinking might’ve increased his chances of becoming CEO of EyeBooks. You underestimate him so much that you started to ignore him,” she said.
“No, I am not ignoring him. Why did you think I asked you at first to keep an eye on him, and then tried to lure Radha into keeping an eye on him yesterday,” I said.
“Which turned out to be an epic failure. That was the reason you called me today. But as your friend, I wanted to warn you. Be careful when it comes to Madhav. He can be very dangerous,” she said.
I was chilled by her words. Not by Madhav, but the way she said it. “He didn’t hurt you anyway right?” I asked, moving closer to her.
“No. He is not like you. He is a perfect gentlemen, a man of every girls dreams. When he know the origin of our relationship, he didn’t get angry and threw tantrum,” she said.
I was so agitated to hear her praise about him that I squeezed her hand harder. When she winced, I let go of her hand and apologised to her.
She put her hand on the top of mine. “I can’t help you with Madhav. I broke up with him yesterday and I don’t want anything to do with him,” she said.
“Then how am I going to be informed about him?” I asked.
She shook her head. “You are capable of thinking of something else. Since you becoming CEO of EyeBooks depends on it. But …” she gave a long pause.
I was worried that she had unprotected sex and was carrying his baby. When I asked her the same, she chuckled. “No, it was not the reason why I was worried so much,” she said.
I was relieved that she at least agreed that she was worried. That was a step closer to help her. “What’s happening with your life?” I asked.
“I came to put my papers. If somehow you fail and he becomes CEO, he would appoint another one as the Head of Research Department. That’s the reason why I declared my retirement from that post,” she said.
I gasped. I knew that she was going to step down from the Head of Research Department. But I didn’t know she was resigning form the EyeBooks all together.
“What are you going to do now?” I asked.
“I will go into arrange marriage and become a homemaker,” she said.
No. She couldn’t waste her life away like that. I was about to object to her when she shook her head. “No. I am in my early thirties and it was high time I get serious about whom I want to settle and spend the rest of my life with. Since I failed to find that by my own, I am relying on my parents to do that for me. I think it would be good if you do the same,” she said.
I was angry. If she wanted to hand over the rest of her life and happiness in the hands of her parents and some unknown stranger, I would fight initially and would later give in, but she can’t ask me to do the same. I get to work hard at office hours and enjoy at nights with the girl I like. I don’t want to settle.
“Forget about me. You would come to me saying how wrong you were about settling in life. Since you were one of my friends, a position would be open in our company at any time,” I said.
She smiled. “You are true to your friends and company. I just wish you would be true in relationships,” she said.
I was getting irritated. She must’ve noticed the same because, dropped the matter and switched the topic. “I would help you choosing your next Head of Research Department,” she said.
“And who would that be?” I asked.
“Shyamala,” she said.
I was disappointed at her. First she was so scared that she resigned for the Head of Research Department position. Then she put the papers. Now she is suggesting Shyamala.
Seriously, my friends had no taste.
Madhumitha was brave. Using my advice, she started to date Madhav in secret. Their relationship was going on solidly for a while and from time to time, he let her on some secrets.
When he started to get suspicious, the secrets were lessened and few days earlier, they ceased all together.
I learned that he was possessive over Madhumitha and was aggressive in their relationship.
A brave woman like Madhumitha got scared so easily.
I don’t think Shyamala could handle Madhav.
She was reserved and easily manipulated by Radha. She was good at coding, but I don’t think she could handle being the Head of Research Department.
I want someone brimming with ideas that would help me take EyeBooks to the next level than it had ever been, help me make EyeBooks dominate the market. That cannot happen she will become the Head of Research Department.
She can’t handle Radha, her sister. Radha was dead set on making Madhav hers and she would be a possible choice for becoming the Head of Research Department. But she was not such a good coder.
Moreover, if I ask Shyamala to help me, she would resent me. Considering I hadn’t payed for the restaurant yesterday and she was the one who payed it. It was very expensive when she was concerned.
I was wrong about Raghav’s feelings towards her as well. I don’t know why he was behaving with her the way he did yesterday. He was the one who handles Head of the Research Department and if I make Shyamala the new head, then they would fight with each other.
What can I do now?
I can’t ask Madhumitha for more. She was already scared enough.
I couldn’t look for anyone else either. It would be time consuming.
I have to trust Madhumita’s word and appoint Shyamala as the new Head of Research Department. Raghav had already called her and her sister gold diggers, who are ready to trap me into marriage. If she had to deal with him, I don’t think EyeBooks would dominate market for much longer.
I had to find a way for this to work.
I decided to make Shyamala the new head of the Research Department.
Once she settled in, I ask Madhumitha to guide her and make her a weapon I could use against Madhav.
It’s perfect.
I smiled as I picked up my phone and called Raghav.
“Set up a meeting with Shyamala, Lalitha and Madhumitha. Your presence and opinion is appreciated,” I said.
He grunted, but agreed and cut the call.
Madhumitha cleared her throat once again.
I winced, but turned to her. “Sorry, I forgot you were here,” I said.
She chuckled, her nervousness fading. Probably because, now she no longer had to worry about Madhav.
“You are going to discuss with us?” she asked.
“Yeah, I wanted all of your opinion before handing her such a big task,” I said.
She nodded and we waited for Shyamala and Lalitha to arrive.


That’s it for today. What do you think about it. Please comment your opinions about today’s blog post.

Until next time,

Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.

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