NaNoWriMo2018, Writing Craft

NaNoWriMo Day 12 & 13

1.    Introduction

Hello everyone. How are you? I am fine today.

This week, I am excited as I had been during previous weeks and I can’t wait to share what I discovered  on Day 12 and 13 of NaNoWriMo.

You could say it was the turning point in my NaNoWriMo journey. But before I could talk about the turning point, I first want to discuss about what I was so excited to watch this week.

Telugu movie Taxiwala by Vijay Devarakonda and CW TV Series The Flash Season 5 Episode 5.

At first, when they shared few clips of Taxiwala as a trailer, I was disappointed by it. So, when the option came for me, whether to watch Taxiwala or Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of Grindelwald, I chose Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of Grindelwald.

It was second movie in Fantastic beasts series and first movie was so amazing that I’ve been waiting for it since it’s been announced. When they released trailer, I couldn’t wait for more.

But when Taxiwala movie trailer was released few days ago, I was more excited about it. I immediately thought of going to that movie this week, and that decision was supported by rumours saying Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of Grindelwald had received lowest rating in the whole Harry Potter Franchise.

So, I chosen Taxiwala to watch this Saturday and see how it would be.

But this post is mainly about NaNoWrimo, how I am feeling. Along with tools and techniques and the my progress at NaNoWriMo 2018.

So without wasting any more time, here are the problems I’ve faced during Day 12 and Day 13 of NaNoWriMo 2018.


2.    Problems

Writing Life is filled with problems day in and day out. Whether it was personal problems or about crafts. Just like on other days, I’ve encountered few problems.

a.     Headache

I had severe headache. It might be due to lack of sleep or too much of heat at Chennai. But I’ve taken Crocin Pain Relief Tablet and a cup of tea and my headache didn’t bothered me for a while.

Just before writing, it returned. Or the feeling of it.


b.     Doubts

I was sure it was just the feeling because I started to prepare scene and sequel sketch for today’s scene and it was late at night.

Several doubts started to make my way, crumbling my confidence like it were papers that caught fire and was about to turn into ash.

·       Doing it right?

The first doubt that surfaced was whether I was doing it right. I mean it will always plague writers forever, but on Day 12, it started to creep up higher.

It might be because I’ve finished You section and on my way to write Need section. By the end of the need section, I would be about 1/4 th of the novel would be done.

Almost all the writers I’ve read about had this issue and hence I know this is just a feeling I’ve to go through.

But as I’ve pushed through this problem, another one started to creep up.


·       Can Do It?

The second doubt I’ve faced is whether I can do it. Writing a thing as complex as novel.  I felt like not writing.

But countless of writers have faced this time and time again in various stages of their lives and knowing this had put me at ease. At least, as much ease I could feel at this point, but it was helpful.

Before I could take a deep breathe and write though, another one started to creep.


·       My Plot Messed Up

The third doubt I’ve faced is I’ve somehow messed up my plot.

I think it’s a pretty common feeling and some confusion about the different sections of Story Circe was the reason for this problem.

But once I let my brain settle things, by walking for half an hour, drinking a cup of green tea, a cake and a biscuit, I am confident about the next steps I should be taking.


3.    New Tools and tips

This is the turning point I’ve talked about at the starting.

While going through my mails, I’ve come across a webinar by Joseph Michael.

a.     Webinar

It’s an one and half hour long video and most content was delivered within first hour. It’s an introduction to his Learn Scrivener Fast video, but shared such useful tips freely that helped me push through my problems and increase my word count.

He has shared many things about Scrivener, an amazing writing program that most authors I’ve liked to use. He explained Scrivener clearly, how to use it, from drafting your book to compiling a mobi or epub copy.

b.     Scrivener

I’ve heard about Scrivener in Rachel Aaron’s From 2k to 10k books first. I’ve heard it again in Chris Fox’s YouTube videos and in Sterling & Stone podcast episodes hosted by Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt and David W. Wright.

At first, I got trial version and tried to use it. It was difficult and complex.

So, I’ve left it at that and struggled to write by using Microsoft Word. Not that it was any bad.

Joseph Michale had given an amazing introduction and explanation to scrivener in his webinar and I’ve been so excited about it that I’ve brought Scrivener license.

Three things that caught my attention about Scrivener are full screen mode, type writer scrolling and inspector view.

·       Full Screen Mode

This is an absolute bliss to a writer. It let the document to be in full screen, from top to bottom and from side to side. The best thing is it provided an option to chose our own background.

I’ve used the images that my current scene is set as a background and it worked like charm. Got me in mood to write and viola, I’ve written more. It also had an option to arrange my writing portion to position left, zoom in my writing to 200%.


·       Type Writer Scrolling

This is another option that helped me more. In normal document, while writing, if you’ve reached the end of a current page, the  cursor would be at the bottom of the screen. I had to hit enter key or use up arrows and down arrows to navigate to next  page and it’s pretty frustrating.

But with Type Writer Scrolling, once the cursor reached just a little bit more than half point in the screen, it would leave the bottom half as blank. No need to hit enter key and all to go back and forth. Our text would be at just a little bit more than centre of the screen.

It’s a little bit messy to explain, but if you watch Joseph Michael’s video, you would come to know what I was talking about.


·       Inspector View

This is the third option that helped me more.

Once in full screen mode in Scrivener, there is task bar would display if you hover you mouse pointer at the bottom of the screen. There a button would be there with Inspector View and if you click it, then a new window would popup over the current one.

You could drag it to the side of our writing screen and increase it’s size so that your writing screen and inspector view window would be side by side.

I’ve placed my scene and sequel sketch in Inspector View and I can check if I had any doubts about what to write form it without having to switch to another document.

You would come to know the benefits of these options once you’ve seen the webinar and tried it out by yourselves.


4.    NaNoWriMo Update

With the problems that I’ve faced and overcame, new knowledge that I’ve gained, I started to do write. I was shocked to see how many word’s I’ve written. If you’ve read my previous blog posts, then you would know that I’ve write in 15 minute sprints.

a.     Word Count


·       Total

My total word count by the end of Day 13 was 20, 381.


·       Average

My average word count was 1568.


·       Day 12

On day 12, I’ve written 1672 words. It might look like nothing, but I’ve watched one and half hour video, brought scrivener and searched for background image for current scene and by that time, I was pretty exhausted.

I’ve done three 15 minute writing sprints. Only 15 minutes left for the end of the day.

So I’ve rested for a little bit.


·       Day 13

As soon as the clock turned 12 am, I’ve started writing.

On day 13, I’ve written 3957 words.

I’ve done two 15 minute sprints and while I am doing the third sprint, I’ve already written what I could for the scene and sequel sketch I’ve had within 8 minutes.  It was way past 1 am and I slept.

When I woke up and had a cup of tea, I’ve sketched scene and sequel pretty quickly, searched new background image for current scene and started to write.

I’ve done three 15 minute sprint and on fourth sprint, I finished writing whatever that needs to be written from scene and sequel sketch within 6 minutes.

When I tried to do scene and sequel sketch after work, I was exhausted as hell and my head started to ache. I’ve written highest words I’ve ever been in this NaNoWriMo 2018 and I’ve left it at that.


b.     Lagging

I am just 1290 words behind the schedule and I am more excited than ever. I hope to catch it up by the end of the Day 14.





5.    NaNoWriMo Content

Without wasting another moment, here’s what I’ve written on Day 12 and Day 13.


a.     Day 12


Chapter 8: Shyamala

I was called into conference room by Balu.

I don’t know the reason he had called me, but I was nervous as hell. I heard that my lead, Madhumitha is going to be at the conference room and she hadn’t finalised the code that I’ve updated in Central Repository yesterday.

For some reason, they had called Lalitha along with me. It’s good. She was my friend and if something was wrong, she could help me. At least give me a moral support.

It was a long way from my cubicle to the conference room at Balu’s office. So we were chatting on our way.

“So, how did yesterday’s date go?” she asked.

I groaned. I don’t know how I should explain it to her. But since she is my friend and wouldn’t leave it till I explain it to her, I tried. “Horrible,” I said.

She nodded, as if she was expecting that.

“So, who is the mysterious guy that Radha was so excited to date?” she asked.

“Balu,” I said. When she tried to ask another question, I put up my hand and she stopped. I continued. “My date was Raghav and he was worst when it comes to dating.”

She frowned. “Don’t call him like that,” she said.

I was surprised. She was defending him. I didn’t know she would defend anybody, well except me. “Are you hiding something from me?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I am your best friend and I hide only secretive things,” she said.

“Then why am I feeling like I should know  something about you and Raghav?” I asked.

She was silent.

I was about to nag her when she clapped her hands.

“So, what do you think about him?” she asked.

I groaned. It had been long time since I had dated anyone. Like 4 years. Since then, Lalitha or Radha had tried to set me up with many guys, both good and bad. But until yesterday, I was successful in ignoring them.

I inhaled sharply. “He called me  and my sister gold digger. Like we were trying to trap him,” I said.

“Well, as far as I known him, that’s his default nature,” she said.

I was surprised. She talked like she knew him. “I didn’t know you know him that personally,” I said.

She bit her lip. “Well, he was my friend back from college,” she said.

I was hurt. She was my only friend and there was nothing that I hadn’t shared with her. But here she was, keeping secrets from me. Especially something as big as her college life. I bit my cheek to lash out on her. “So it is okay if he calls me and my sister gold diggers?” I asked.

“If he calls Radha as gold digger, I am perfectly okay with that. Though him calling you the same, it looks like I should have serious talk with him so soon,” she said.

“Good luck with that. Balu would be busy with his work. Since Raghav is his personal secretary, he would be busy by default,” I said.

“Well, I will make sure he would make time for me then,” she said.

I shrugged. There was no way Raghav would waste time for slacker like Lalitha. I was the most hard working one among my friends. He called me gold digger. I don’t know what past they had, but I am sure he would call her meaner names. But I didn’t want to point it out to her.

“I had to pay yesterday’s bill by the way. Could you guess what’s the price?” I asked.

“Your whole month’s salary?” she asked.

I nodded. One month’s hard work wasted for a dinner that I hadn’t eaten. As an added bonus, I get to suffer Raghav and his insults.

“What are you going to do now?” she asked.

“Ask him when I meet him?” I asked.

She stared at me like she didn’t believe me. I just shrugged.

I could’ve continued to persuade her about my conversation ability, but we’ve reached the conference room.

We stepped inside and I gasped.

It was beautiful. The walls were layered with wood so brown that it reminded me of the bindings of hardbound books. The ceiling was of the colour paper and even the chandler overhead was arranged in such a fashion that it would provide enough light to make me want to read a real book.

In the centre of the room, a table was present along with adjustable chairs in white colour. Madhumitha sat near Balu and they both were deep in discussion.

I cleared my throat and they turned their heads up at me.

“Yes,” Balu said, annoyed. It seemed like he did not recognise me.

I was annoyed. He had teased me many times, during the parties that Madhumitha and Lalitha had convinced me to attend. He had made me pay yesterday using my whole months salary and had dated my sister yesterday night.

Yet, here he was, staring at me like he didn’t recognise me.

I clenched my jaw. “You’ve asked for me?” I said.

He blinked his eyes and let out surprised laugh.

“I don’t know someone could be so forgetful. Sorry, you are Shyamala right?” he asked.

I kept my annoyance in check. There was no way that I would get angry over him. “Yes,” I said.

He smiled. “Why don’t you come over here?” he asked, pointing towards the chair at the front.

I nodded and moved over there, pulled the chair back and sat in it.

Lalitha went straight to Madhumitha and sat by her side. They communicated mostly by their eyes and it infuriated me.

“Thank you,” I said instead.

“So, do you know that Madhumitha was resigning as the Head of Research Department?” he asked.

I gasped. Madhumitha was the most competent one I know in my life. I used her as my role model to get to where I was today. I don’t know there was any reason for her to resign from the position. “I didn’t,” I said.

He nodded. As if he was finding it difficult to digest.

“So I asked her for her replacement and she had made couple of suggestions,” he said, nodding at Madhumitha.

She nodded and went back to communicate with Lalitha using their gaze.

“And what does that have to do with me?” I asked.

“You see, she mentioned you along with others in the list. I wanted to see whether you could be competent enough to handle the task,” he said.

I swallowed. Competent enough to be Head of Research Department? I don’t think I would ever be able to handle it. But as I thought about it, it made sense. There was no way that Balu could allow Madhumitha to resign from her position.

She might wanted to test me somehow. I think Raghav might’ve done something that made Balu suspicious of me. I had to tread this carefully. “I could give it a try,” I said.

“Then show me proof,” he said.


“Being Head of Research Department meant that you should be able to work for long stretches of time, forgoing sleep and even not eating for longer duration,” he said.

Lalitha snorted. But a glare from Balu had sent her to be silent. If I were on the receiving end of the glare, I would’ve been shaken. But Lalitha was not me and she just handled it well. I envied that ability of hers.

“For the current update, I’ve worked hard for the past month. Since last week, I never left office. Barely slept or eaten anything,” I said.

He glanced at Madhumitha. When she nodded, he stared her long enough. “She is the most hardworking person I’ve ever known. So much so that I classify her as workaholic,” she said.

He nodded. “If it comes from you,” he said, then turned towards me. “Being the Head of Research Department means that you have to coordinate your subordinates, mingle with them and create sessions that generate ideas helpful for EyeBooks. How good are you at managing people in groups?” he asked.

I was worried as hell. I think this was a way for him to decide whether I was not a gold digger or not. To decide whether I was not trapping him for money. I don’t know how that related to my ability to manage people. I was bad at it anyways. I can work well enough when I am by myself. But when it comes to managing people or work with them, I am bad. Even though it pained me to agree to it him, if this were a test, I had to be as honest with him as possible. “Not so good,” I said.

He frowned. “Then you are not fit for the position,” he said.

“But I am a quick learner. If the situation demands, I could make sure that I will communicate with people and manage them well,” I said.

“Then why aren’t you already doing it?” he asked.

“Because I never got into situation that demanded me working with groups. My work focused on coding and meetings and others were rare, well except when my lead debriefs our team about the next update and our individual tasks,” I said.

“I don’t think you would be able to handle groups,” he said.

“Give me a chance to prove myself,” I said.

“The way you handled Raghav yesterday was your chance. You’ve failed it. Not only that, from my study, I found out that you could be easily manipulated,” he said.

I was angry. I think he was talking about my sister and this seemed more and more like he was testing whether I was gold digger or not.

“I am not easily manipulated,” I said.

He ignored it and continued. “You could also be easily intimidated. You should be bold, brave and crazy enough to produce ideas and results that would make EyeBooks dominate the market,” he said.


b.     Day 13


“I will learn to be brave, fast, and I am brimmed with crazy ideas. I am efficient worker that would produce results such quickly and amazing that EyeBooks would definitely dominate market,” I said.
He was silent for long time. I was sweating heavily and glanced at Lalitha and Madhumitha for reassurance. They were silent as well. That worried me. But I wouldn’t let him have the satisfaction that he could intimidate me.
He called me like I was someone who could be easily intimidated. If this was a test and the chances of my code being accepted depended on it, then I would used this as a starting point.
I imagined myself gathering all my feelings of getting scared easily and shoved it into trash icon somewhere at the back of my mind. I deleted it permanently from my mind and I came back to the moment.
I was no longer scared. I stared directly into his eyes. For long time.
He cleared his throat.
I was offended. If I were someone beautiful, then he would’ve gazed at me for much longer. But I was neither beautiful, nor interesting. I resisted the urge to let out a cry and stared.
“How do you plan to make EyeBooks dominate the market. What changes you suggest we make in our next update?” he asked.
“I am going to make EyeBooks such addictive product that customers will not be able to peel their eyes away form it. They would gobble book after book just to experience more time with EyeBooks.
“And coming to the changes I wanted to implement in our next update, it was more of a new feature than changing existing one. In online world, among those who read, there is a concept called Readathons and Readalongs. I wanted to implement that in our EyeBooks, providing the users with a feature to announce Readathons and sync two EyeBook devices to read at the same time, same book at exact same rate,” I said.
He was silent for few more minutes. Not only him, but also Madhumitha and Lalitha, who stared at me with their mouths open a little bit.
“That’s pretty ambitious update,” he said.
“If we want EyeBooks to dominate the market, then our updates should be at least that much ambitions,” I said.
“It’s both ambitious as well as crazy, which is what you required. Hire her for the post already,” Lalitha said.
I bit lip. How can she talk to Balu, who was next in line to become the CEO of EyeBooks, like that. She should keep her tongue in line. Balu ignored her and hopefully, when I get out of this room, I would give her a lengthy lecture.
“I don’t think you could manage that update within time frame that we have and neither do I think you could manage people,” he said, crossing his arms.
I gritted my teeth in frustration. He seemed like he made up his mind. How dare he decide whether I was competent or not without giving me a chance? I let out frustrated sigh. “I can manage people and what is the time frame available?” I asked.
He scoffed. “You are asking as if you could produce such ambitious update in the time frame that I was ready to allocate to next update,” he said.
“I will,” I said.
“Well, you have three months and if you are successful in completing this update, you would become the Head of Research Department. You can take a small group of people you trust and start working on this update. Remember one more thing. My friend Raghav didn’t trust you. I value his opinion highly. He was the one who would talk to you in my place and since things between you are shaky, if you failed to accomplish this gigantic task, then EyeBooks has to let you go,” he said, then dismissed me.
Lalitha stood up to follow, but he had something to talk with her.
She stared at me and I nodded.
I wanted to be alone to process what had happened.
I am so scared that my heart was beating faster than it had ever been in my life. I am also worried that this would be the last 3 months I was going to work in EyeBooks.
Balu had decided based on Raghav’s words and not my actual work. Even Madhumitha hadn’t spoke her concern. She looked shaken and had already resigned for Head of Research Department.
Yesterday night had gone horribly between me and Raghav. There was nothing I could do to change that.
It looked like Balu wanted to test me by giving me an impossible task.
Implementing feature that enables EyeBooks to introduce Readathons and Readalongs was complex enough, but to do that in 3 months time is crazy impossible.
But at least, he had given me a chance.
Raghav might be angry at me and called me and my sister gold digger. Balu was arrogant and given me what he and I thought was an impossible task. He also forgot about the bill I paid yesterday by myself, for a date that I did not wanted to attend and dinner that I hadn’t eaten.
If somehow I could forget about Raghav and Balu, then I had to form a team that was willing to work with me in crazy hours to implement the next update within 3 months.
If this task was successful, then it would sure bring swarm of people into buying EyeBooks and make them read more. They would become addicted to it.
I might’ve failed horribly with Raghav. I could also fail to deliver this update. But if I didn’t accept the challenge, then it seemed like I would be breaking Madhumitha’s trust on me.
Out of all the people she had worked with, she given my name along with few others.
At least to honour her trust on me, I have to accept this challenge.
Balu might’ve dismissed me, thinking there was no way I was going to agree this insane task.
Hell, if I hadn’t worked hard this past month, even I would’ve dismissed myself.
But I worked hard and I love coding.
I would make sure that I put my best efforts to achieve this impossible task.
But how am I going to work this next 3 months.
I can’t ask for Madhumitha’s help. She was resigning for Head of Research Department post and that must’ve taken a toll on her. She still looked shaken enough that I don’t want to creatre more trouble for her.
I couldn’t ask Raghav either. He was angry at me enough and called me a gold digger. If I take his help, he is going to call me more names that I was sure that would haunt me for the rest of my life.
I couldn’t ask Lalitha’s help either. She was being asked to stay, probably to lecture how rudely she had behaved earlier.
For now, I had to do it on my own. Forming a team, planning, developing, testing and integrating the feature of Readathons and Readalongs in next update of EyeBooks.
Somehow, I would do it. No matter what it takes.
Before I could leave the room though, I had something that left to do.
“Sir, if you don’t mind, can I have a minute?” I asked.
He frowned, but nodded.
“I will complete the task you’ve give to me not in 3 months, but in two months. Since you said I can have a team of my own, I wanted Lalitha, Madhumitha since she is no longer Head of Research Department, Radha, and few others whose names I will inform later,” I said.
I didn’t give him or others time to react.
I strode out of the office, hating myself for the deadline I’ve set on myself.
No. It was not my fault. I would be jobless by the end of two months and I blame it all on Raghav, Radha and Balu.

Chapter 9: Balu
Raghav was angry at me.
I don’t know why he was. Wait. I know why he was angry at me, but I was his friend and I should matter to him more than others.
“Come on, talk something?” I asked.
He was silent. Walking in front of me like he was my bodyguard.
“What I do with my employees is my wish. Besides, she was the one who accepted my challenge,” I said.
At the mention of her, he turned and glared at me. His eyes were so angry that I swallowed. He looked more intimidated than my father. “You know she is delicate, yet you provoke her. If you are not okay with her being the next Head of Research Department, then you should’ve say so when Madhumitha suggested,” he said.
I was angry. What was so special about Shyamala that others favour her. Even Madhumitha and Raghav. I would never know. “I’ve given her a way out,” I said.
“It didn’t looked like that,” he said.
“It is. I’ve given her a way out by clearly mentioning to her that if she couldn’t deliver the update within 3 months, she would be out of our company. She should’ve just let go,” I said.
“She was passionate about her work. If you threaten that, she would do anything to prove wrong, even putting her professional life at stake,” he said.
“That was not my problem,” I said.
“It should be. She is the best employee we have. If you drive her away over beauty, you are not as intelligent as you think you are, just like Madhav had said,” he said.
I found it hard to breathe. Mentioning Madhav’s name has such effect. When it comes from Raghav, I couldn’t control it. I clenched my hands and banged on the wall beside me. My hand was aching, but I ignored it. But I cannot ignore the echo of my hit across the empty hallway.
“He is irrelevant. And I hadn’t judged her over her beauty.”
“You judged her over beauty. Outer one. If you’ve known her as me, Lalitha or Madhumitha known, you would’ve realised what an asset she was to us,” he said.
I let out frustrated sigh. Why can’t he drop this matter with Shyamala. Not only him, but everyone else also. They are behaving as if she were an angel. If they don’t stop doing that, I would go mad. Wait, there is something that I could use to at least stop Raghav from that.
“You’ve called her a gold digger, ready to trap me,” I said.
He gritted his teeth. He struggled to say something to me, but when I smiled, he swallowed. “I did it to protect her,” he said.
“You only infuriated her more by doing it. Today’s events were as much as your fault as mine,” I said.
He shook his head. “Don’t put the blame on me. I know something like this was going to happen. Madhumitha resigns and whom would she assign as in her place. Obviously someone who was the best. You value her opinion and it comes to that. I know that was what was going to happen. So when she called me ask acting on a date, I was so frustrated that I resort to using mean ways to make her back away.
“I was hostile to her the entire time, called her sister and her gold diggers and opportunists, setting up a trap to you. I knew she would break down and then be disturbed enough to accept challenge today. But it seems like I hadn’t hurt her enough,” he said.
Going to so much lengths to protect Shyamala? I didn’t know what was going on in the background. “Why do you care so much about her? You didn’t love her as much as I thought you would be. If that were the case, then you wouldn’t have called her gold digger, even to protect her,” I said.
He was silent for a moment, while I crossed the hallway.
“I don’t want to talk about it,” he said.
I ran my hands through my hair. How can he expect me to not do anything to Shyamala if he didn’t give me concrete reason? “Come on, give me a hint and I can at least remove the deadline part of it,” I said.
“She is special to me. If you value our friendship, that should be enough,” he said.
I shook my head. Not it was not enough. I wanted to demand him more, but we’ve already arrived at Madhav’s office room.
The place where my father decided to talk with us.
At Madhav’s place. Not at mine or his. At the smiling, cunning, impatient and incompetent Madhav’s place.
First Raghav had been angry at me over Shyamala. I was frustrated enough already. Now my father had to go all the way to set the meeting, the ones that I hate, over at Madhav’s place. Whom I hate more than anything in my live.
I clenched my jaw and stepped inside.
Radha was at the front, greeting me with her smile. She didn’t show any sign of yesterday’s night. No sultry smile or revealing dress. Professional.
It means she had treated yesterday as one night stand and forgot about it.
I would also do the same. But the images of her naked body flooding through my mind.
I remembered her clingy nature to Shyamala, her ferocity and insane focus she had on Madhav. It helped.
I nodded to her and she pointed towards the conference room.
I thanked her and stepped inside. It was different than mine.
While mine was brown and creamy white, reminding me of books, his was plain white. Stiff.
I had oval table at my conference while Madhav had rectangle table.
I had adjustable chairs while he was chairs of fixed type.
So competing and opposite to me.
I wanted to go towards him and knock the daylights out of him, but he was an expert when it comes to physical combat. Big muscles and no brain.
I let go of the urge.
I noticed my father before anyone else. He had that presence that demanded attention and scares all around us. He was in his usual grab and serious face.
I nodded to him and he pointed towards the chair opposite to him, just like I had done with Shyamala.
Something told me it goes as horribly to me as it did to Shyamala. I swallowed and took the chair.
Raghav had stood outside, chatting with Radha. He was as intimidated by my father as I had been and never actively enter where my father was.
Smart guy.
But I didn’t have the choice.
I put my hand to where the handle for adjusting the height of the chair was supposed to be and swore under my breath. I forgot Madhav didn’t have adjustable chairs.
I covered it by dusting non-existent thing form the side of the chair and cleared my throat.
My father glared at me and I turned my gaze away from him.
There was Madahv, who was smiling at me. It infuriated me more, so I shifted my gaze towards Varma, my father’s friend ad Madhav’s father.
Unlike Madhav, I liked Varma. So much more than my own father. He smiled at me. It didn’t put me at ease, but it didn’t infuriated me either, like Madhav’s had done to me. I smiled back.
I shifted my gaze towards Karthik, another of my father’s friend. I didn’t know much about him and I were to become the CEO of EyeBooks, then it was high time I know something about him. Once this meeting is finished, I would ask Raghav to get as much information as he could get about Karthik.
I smiled at him, to start on good ground. He didn’t’ respond to me. Instead, he glanced at Madhav.
Great, he favours Madahv, my enemy.
I shook my head and shifted my gaze back to my father.
“Do you know the agenda for today’s meeting?” he asked.
I shook my head. Varma and Karthik were major memobers of Bord of Directiors. If they are present along with my father and wanted to discuss something with me and Madhav, then I could guess what it could be. But if I opened my mouth to mention that, I would berate Madhav and my meeting wouldn’t go well.
I was getting enough vibes already that today’s meeting was not going to end well. I don’t have to make things more horrible for me.
“We are here to assess who among you and Madhav are the suitable candidate for CEO of EyeBooks when I retire,” he said.
It was a surprise. My father was not going to retire for one more year. This meeting was supposed to happen 6 months down the line, after I had made deal with the Magazine heads.
“What sort of assessment?” I asked.
“That is not for you to hear. Why don’t we start?” Karthik interjected.
I bit my lip to prevent myself form lashing out at him. I nodded instead. Today I had to nod my head a great deal and I was already finding it difficult to go on. But in front of the stake of EyeBooks, it was nothing.
“So, how do you plan to make EyeBooks dominate the market, like you so often mention?” my father asked.
“By focusing only on it and making it so addicting that readers wouldn’t help by purchase our devices and subscription and get addicted to it,” I said.
“How are you going to achieve that?” he asked.
“The candidate for our next Head for Research Department had some wonderful ideas that she promised to deliver for our next update. If she succeeded, then ours would dominate market for long time to come,” I said.
“I don’t think handing our company’s future on the hands of some inexperienced and easily manipulated candidate,” Madahv said.
I was so angry that I glared at him. He smiled back. Bastard. How did he know about Shyamala? The meeting hadn’t happened few minutes ago, but …
I ran my hands through my hair as I realised that he probably had gotten as much information from Madhumitha, whether she was conscious of it or not, and using it against me.
I gritted my teeth. “She is a capable candidate,” I said, though I know deep inside that I didn’t believe it.
It must’ve been plain to him, because he smiled.
“Besides, our company’s future should be on your decisions and actions. Not someone who works under you,” he said.
I glared. Why was my father allowing him to interject in between. Did Madhav gained so much of his trust?
“I’ve clearly mentioned what my decision and course of action was going to be from the start,” I said.
“Which was to work only on one product. EyeBooks. IT should be high time we produce multiple products,” he said.
“It was sure way to downfall of our company,” I said.
He shook his head. “You mind is too clouded with the initial success to realise the reality of the market,” he said.
“And you know what that is?”
“Yes, I know enough to give you sleepless nights. But being your cousin, I decided not to act on the thoughts that were running behind my mind.”
“Being my cousin. It’s plain Bullshit. Why don’t you really say what you want, out front.”
“My intentions and course of actions were clear from start.”
“Don’t say my words back to me. Tell us that you want to take the CEO out from my hands. If that were to happen, our company would be bankrupt,” I shouted.
“Enough,” my father shouted.
I swallowed, but I was still brimmed with so much anger that I was finding it difficult to think clearly. Only rage was there before my eyes.
“Stop blaming Madhav and show me the proof that you could handle being CEO of EyeBooks,” he said.
“You want the proof. Well give me a month and I would not only implement the crazy idea of our new Head of Research Department, but also finalise the deal with the Magazine Heads,” I said.
Everyone nodded and Madhav was smiling. Even Karthik was smiling.
Varma looked at me and shook his head.
Only when I heard Raghav groan did I realise what I had done.
I was so angry at myself that I ignored everyone around me and walked out of the conference room, out of Madhav’s room and towards the empty hallway.
I am stupid to fall for Madhav’s empty threats. I didn’t know what research Radha had come up with, how much of it Madhav understood, but I set myself up for an impossible task.
I was frustrated that I allowed it to happen.
Route of every problem in my life seemed to be caused by Madhav.
While I changed girlfriends frequently and broken their hears, he had maintained single relationship with Madhumitha and broken her heart because she was set up initially by me.
Magazines called me man whore while they called him gentlemen.
Ever since we were children, he focused on getting what I wanted. I was so competent and confident that I was successful. But somewhere I ignored him completely and became overconfident in his ability to fail.
Look where it had brought me.
His cunning smile and secretive plans seemed to be working.
Karthik seemed to be by his side. Somehow he had also took my father to his side as well.
Varma was his father and know his true intentions. Hence he probably side with me. But 2 against 1. It looked like I no longer was in straight like to become CEO.
Madhav was in between me and my goal.
He was so persistent. That made me so angry that I didn’t worked out properly.
How can I make EyeBooks dominate the market, make readers addicted to it, if Madhav opposes me every step of the way. I had to deal with him quickly.
But how?
I couldn’t ask Radha to help me steal the plans. She loves Madhav and a temptress. She would help him and not me. She would even distract me if it meant it would help her get Madhav. She was not an option.
I couldn’t ask Madhumitha’s help either. She was already shaken by him. So much that she resigned from her position and mentioned Shyamala as her replacement.
I couldn’t’ ask drag Shyamala into it. I already shortened her time frame that she stated to one month. It was such a task that it would take at least 6 months to a year to accomplish. But achieving it within a month? How much trouble can I cause for both of us?
That left me with Ragahv. He was angry, but would get over it. He could help me pull the links that we had and finalise the deal quicker. He could be cheerleader for Shyamala and help her produce the update within a month.
If we somehow were able to achieve this, then EyeBooks would dominate the market and at the same time, I don’t have to worry about Madhav for long time.
Yes, Raghav was better option for me.
As Raghav came out, I called to him.
“Set up a meeting with Madhumitha,” I said.
He gritted his teeth, but agreed.
It was not time to fight amongst ourselves. I had to know whether she can deliver her promise within a month while I had to make plans for finalising the deal with Magazine heads.
A hell lot of things to do and so short time.



What do you think about it?

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Until next time,

Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.

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