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NaNoWriMo Day 14 & 15

Hey folks. How are you? I hope you are having a great day. I am having a so-so day, but it’s alright. They are common in life.

I am going to talk about what my weekend plans are,  the problems I’ve faced during days 14 and 15, the solutions I’ve found and my word count update.


What are your plans for weekend? Going out with family or loved ones, watching a movie, reading a book, or something else?
I would love to hear them.
I am going to watch Taxiwala and I am so excited about it since they’ve released it’s trailer a couple of days ago.
It’s a movie about our hero, while looking for a job decide to go for cabs. He buys an old car, remodels it and uses it as a cab.
But the twist here is that car is haunted.
Pretty exciting trailer, with enough elements in it to make me excited without giving out too much details. Pretty much all movie trailers give out most of the story in trailers these days. It’s refreshing to see that the team is doing something interesting here.
I am counting days, and by the time of writing this post, hours, to watch the movie.
Vijay Devarakonda is an versatile actor. I’ve loved his film Geetha Govindam, where he is good guy and liked his performance as Rowdy CM in Nota. Though I didn’t liked Nota as a movie.
But still, I have huge expectations for Taxiwala.
I will be watching Taxiwala at Mayajaal Multiplex, Chennai with two of my colleagues. I’ve booked 4:50 PM show.
I will let you know how is the movie tomorrow.
Coming back to writing life, it was not as smooth as I thought it would be.


I’ve faced couple of problems. It was challenging two days for me. I’ve faced both emotional problems as well as story wise problems.

A. Emotional:-

I was emotionally drained after couple of incidents in office. So much so that I got headache. That led to me feeling worhtless.
While others are enjoying their lives, progressing professionally, here I was writing three hours a day and not progressing professionally. NaNoWriMo had me devoted most of my time and energy to it and left with with less energy to my professional work. I was managing it okay, but okay is not good enough.
It led me to fell like I was not good enough. I was also afraid like I would remain like this forever.

B. Story:-

I’ve faced problems with my characters and overall story.

● Characters-

My character’s actions didn’t felt authentic. They are changing their nature too often.

◆ Radha-

She seemed to jump into conclusions too quickly. She tried to manipulate others.

◆ Raghav-

He is the chameleon of my story. He acts and talks one way with Balu and entirely different way when Shyamala is present. I was finding it difficult to understand what his motive was. His actions are too jerky.

● Overall story-

I felt like something was missing inn my story and it was not good enough. Somewhere I lost what I’ve felt during initial chapters.


It is during times like this I find You-Tube very helpful.

A. Motivation:-

I’ve come across a video by Evan Carmichael. The one sentence summary of that video is ‘JUST DO IT’.
In that, he mentions that once you have big ideas, then start acting small. He said about three steps to make it happen.
No money.
Start Monday(Immediately).
Expect to suck.
To simply put it, just do it.
I was so motivated and relieved by it that it helped me propel to find solutions to my emotional problems. Watching the video made me realize that it’s okay to feel not good enough. I was at initial stages of writing and even professional writers would feel like this most of the time.
Feeling of worthless was because of me not prioritizing what is important in my life. Writing is my first priority, the one that I would not leave for as long as I could. While it came to my professional life, I’ve realized that IT field was not stable. I was doing Production Support job and it would not lead me to a future I wish I had. I should concentrate on it to operate at good levels, but I shouldn’t worry about it so much that it derails me from my main goal in life. To make readers feel what I felt by reading my favorite authors.

B. Fix:-

It also helped me in fixing problems to my story.
First step is No money. Don’t spend money. Thinking about spending any amount of money holds me back. In my current situation I don’t have to spend any money. I’ve already got software and tools required with me and I could start immediately or as soon as possible. But since my goal is big, like finishing the novel, I had to act small.

● Scrivener –

Reworking outline is big. But reading the words I’ve written is small step. I compiled Fake Girlfriend into epub by using Scrivener and read it over my phone using Lithium Epub Reader.
I gained confidence over some areas of my writing, how good it was and I’ve found out what was wrong with my story.

● Note-

I’ve reached out 1/4th of Fake Girlfriend and as per my original intentions of having 6 chapters in each section of story circle was not working. Chapter are longer and the next few sections are going to be only 4 chapters instead of 6 like I had thought. I’ve moved two chapters into next section and moved on to fixing next problem.
Fixing motivations of Radha and Raghav in editing.
I’ve made a note to myself in Inspector view of document in Scrivener.
I’ve understood that Radha was manipulative bitch who would do anything to get what she wanted. But she cared about her sister so much and she jumps to assumptions too quickly. Moving from one thought to other.
Raghav was hiding things from Balu and everyone. He is having a secret relationship with Lalitha and he had hurt Shyamala indirectly in the past. He cares about others and hence he was willing to do something good for her. Even if it hurts her now, he wanted her to be happy in life.
I saved this note in inspector view and would use it in editing stage.

● Next steps-

From now on, write your next words as if you’ve made the changes earlier. I could edit it later. This is the common advice I had heard previously and the one I would implement it now. This would help me lessen the burden as I don’t have to worry about forgetting that their motivations and actions needs to be fixed while editing.
I had already noted the same in inspector view a. Once I’ve finished writing first draft, I would find out more problems that I need to fix and prioritize them from complex to small.
I would then fix them.

NaNoWriMo Word count:

A. Day 14:-

I’ve almost caught up with NaNoWriMo word count goal. According to NaNoWriMo, by the end of 14th day, I should have written 23,338 words. I’ve written 2,412 words on Day 14, taking my total word count up to 22,793. I’ve used three 15 minute sprints and one 20 minute sprint.
My average word count by the end of the Day 14 was 1,628. It’s pretty impressive considering I’ve skipped up couple of days in the starting and wrote less than 600 words one day.

B. Day 15:-

I’ve surpassed my word count goal on Day 15. According to NaNoWriMo, by the end of 15th day, I should have written 25,005 words. I’ve written 2,413 words on Day 15, taking my word count up to 25,206. I’ve used four 15 minute sprint and one 7 minute sprint.
My average word count by the end of Day 15 was 1,680. I’ve felt like I accomplished something as I’m writing this post. Felt pretty good considering how I’ve felt while writing day 14 and 15.


Since my word count was rising up as each day progressed and chapter length was more, I would post the content in two separate posts. Also, since I wrote most of chapter on one day, while little on next day before starting to write, I would post the words I’ve written in the form of Chapter and not in the form of Days so that those who are reading these chapters would get to read the whole chapter without breaks.
That’s all the progress I’ve made these two days. How about you? How much progress did you made this NaNoWriMo?
Share them in comments as I would love to hear them.
Thanks for Reading folks.
Until next time,
Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.

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