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Taxiwala Non-spoiler review


Hello guys, how are you? I hope you are fine and enjoying your weekend.
I enjoyed it a lot.
I haven’t read any books this week as I was in a bit of reading slump. I hope I come out of it quickly.
But I did watch Taxiwala this weekend with two of my colleagues at Mayajaal Multiplex, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The show started at 4:50 PM and I was excited for the movie since the trailer was released.

How did I feel about the movie?

The movie is great. I felt so connected with the story that I was moved. I laughed at the comedy scenes and felt a little bit emotional at scenes with more depth. Overall I was satisfied with the movie. I would give it 5 stars out of 5 for the movie.

What this movie was about?

The movie revolves around Shiva, who was jobless and comes to city to get a job with the help of Babai, meets up with Hollywood who Babai’s assistant. He tried couple of jobs and was not satisfied with it. That’s when he sees the ad for cab and decided to try for it.
But being a cab driver requires him to have a car, for which he didn’t have money. He goes to his home town, meets up with his brother and pregnant sister-in-law and asks for their help. He gets nearly 1 Lakh 69 thousand.
He searches for car and after many failures, he gets a call saying there was a car that was under his budget.
He goes over there with Uncle and Hollywood and sees an old car. It was in good condition, buys it and becomes a cab driver.
During this time as a cab driver, he meets with Anusha, a young doctor and they started to see each other.
Everything goes normal for Shiva being a cab driver. But one night, after dropping off Anusha, he learns that his car was haunted.
The rest of the story is why the car was haunted and how he deals with it.
I’ve already felt like I’ve given too much, but this is as much as I could put into words about the movie without spoiling you.

Plus points


Taxiwala had a simple story, the haunted car and it’s driver, with a twist. The film had set up many events in the start of the movie, which are paid off as the movie progress.
Some setups are paid of at the end of the movie, which was very satisfying.
Every thing seems to be in logical order and I didn’t felt anywhere that the movie was dragging.


Shiva –

Vijay nails his character as Shiva, a cab driver. His acting was authentic and I was rooting for him since the start.

Car –

As Shiva says many times in the movie, the car has a character of it’s own. It was as much important to the story as Shiva and I felt really connected to it. The makers have done a good job handling it.

Babai –

Madhunandan aced his role as Babai. He supported Shiva, guided him and acted as a comic relief also. He was pretty amazing. He talked and acted like a mechanic from start and there was a particular scene near the ending where he talked in terms of a mechanic. It was so funny that I laughed out loud.

Hollywood –

Vishnu is a newbie and his role is a comic relief that every movie needs. He was superb in this movie and he kept me laughing and entertained the entire time he was on screen. It was pretty amazing.


The music by Jakes Bejoy was pretty amazing. Especially the song Maate Vinadhuga sung by Sid Sriram was highlight of the movie. I listened to the song in loop and am becoming huge fan of Sid Sriram with each song he releases.


Pretty good graphics. Especially the haunted car and one more phenomenon, which if I said it now, would spoil the movie.

Minus points

I didn’t find anything that I disagreed with the movie. It was amazing ride from start to end, filled with comedy and sentiment. There is a reason why I gave the movie 5/5 stars. It’s that amazing.

Should you watch this movie?

If you are expecting heavy fights, then this movie is not for you.
But if you love haunted car, comedy that would make you laugh out loud, thriller and suspense to keep you at the edge of your seats, light romance and emotional scenes that would move you, you should definitely watch it. Taxiwala is light in fights, but in other departments, it aced with flying colours. If you had any doubts whether to watch this movie, just go to the theatre already.
Share your feelings and thoughts at comment section.
Until next time,
Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.

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