2019, 6 Months Review, Kdramas

Mumbai, Chicken Biryani, Vada pav, Alcohol and Kdramas

Hi readers,

How are you doing these days?

I know that its been 6 and half  months since my last blog post and I was busy being shifting from Chennai to Mumbai, adjusting to Mumbai and being depressed, feeling worthless and whatnot.

How about you? How was your past 6 months?

I would like to hear it in comment section.

Mumbai and addictions

When my manager told me that I should be shifting to Mumbai and work at client location(for the same production support work), I said it would be difficult, but didn’t oppose.

I knew no matter how much I tried, they would still send me. So I finally shifted to Mumbai on January 6th 2019.

At that time, my new colleagues asked me to give them a joining party, I had to agree. Then they asked me to drink alcohol. I refused at first, but they asked why I won’t drink, have I tasted it anytime and all.

I didn’t had answers. But I did say that I have dangerous addiction problem that would go on for weeks. They didn’t know the extent of my addiction and made me drink beer.

First week, I didn’t like the taste of beer, but I was curious of the taste. Next week we went out for drinking, I liked the taste of alcohol. The week after that, I lost fear of drinking and becoming curious as to how beer, vodka, whiskey or other drink tastes like.

There were a couple of times where I went to a wine shop, brought a beer and drank. There were few more times where when a colleague asked me to drink along with him, I agreed.

Then I got scared of drinking alcohol. I was aware of my addiction to it and decided to stop drinking it.

My next addiction was to eating Chicken Biryani at afternoon, except during weekends, for 3 months.

I was also addicted to eating Vada pav, which was almost always good at every corner of Mumbai you go.

All of these contributed to my increase in weight.

My solution was replacing my addiction of drinking alcohol with drinking soft-drinks like Maaza and Sprite. They are my absolute favorites. To break the routine, I would drink Red Bull and Monster here and there, but they were expensive and too sweet for my taste.

I also decided to stop eating non-veg and vada pav for two months.

I told my friends a lie that, at my house, we will not eat non-veg or drink alcohol two months after Holi.

I didn’t eat non-veg and rarely ate vada pav during that time.

Now that the two months are over, I don’t feel that much urge to drink alcohol. But I still like to eat non-veg, but not like I used to do before.

But my weight is still increasing, thanks to numerous Bun muska that I eat along with tea during morning and evening, as well as skipping breakfast during second shifts and night shift.

I started to feel more lethargic during the days and less sleep, irritated most of the time and like to keep to myself all the time.

I tried to exercise, which lasted only for a week.

The next week, I went to 2 days trip with my friends to Mahabaleshwar and got sick. I felt too cold for couple of minutes, followed by feeling too much heat next. My whole body was aching like hell when I felt too cold and a killer of headache along with coughing.

I took proper medicines and was back to normal within a week, but I stopped exercising.

I have a plan on how to control my weight. That involves eating more protein, less carbs and no sugar, sweets, fruits and whites. Also replacing tea with Green Tea. It will be difficult, but I will see what I can do.

The major contributing factor for my sleepless nights were Korean Dramas or Kdramas in short.

Kdrama & TV Shows

Before I was introduced to Kdramas, I was a huge fan of CW’s Flash. But once I got addicted to Kdramas, I stopped watching Flash. I might continue watching it in the future.

The Korean dramas that I watched were usually 1 hour episode, totally 16 or 20 episodes for a season.

There were some out there which were 30 minute episode with 32 episodes in total, but I haven’t watched them.

Only one season most of the time.

Because of this there were days where I finished the 16 or 20 episode show within two days.

As a result, I lost sleep.

For the past 6 months, I had been watching Kdrama like hell.

In the posts that would be coming future, I would explain each show that I watched, their premise, what I liked about it and what I didn’t.

Also have you listened their songs. They are awesome just like you. Kdrama songs are called as Kdrama OST.

The shows that I watched are many, but I will only mention those that I enjoyed to a great extent.

My love from the star, Big, Coffee Prince, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Strong Girl Bong-soon, Secret Garden, Legend of the Blue Sea, 49 days, Live Up to your name Dr. Heo, Goblin, A Korean Odyssey and so on.

I loved My love from the star the most.

I also observed that Kdramas follow the concept of scenes and sequels very closely, making me invested in their characters as well as the story so much.

In a future blog posts, I will dissect an episode of a Kdrama into scenes and sequels.

Right now, I am watching Abyss(Episode 8).

Park Bo-young became my new favorite actress. She is a talented , all of Kdrama actors are, but she is the best among them. She also acted in Strong Girl Bong-soon and Oh My Ghost.

Among male leads, I liked Gong Yoo’s acting. He had acted in Coffee Prince, Big, Goblin. I also watched his movie Train to Busan. It’s amazing.

Since I like reading more than watching, I get to know a website which will give the recap for all the episodes of most of the Kdramas. It almost felt like watching an episode of Kdrama, the key factor here being almost.

The webiste is www.dramabeans.com.

After reading the recap  of an episode or two in the above website, if I like it, then I would then go on to watch that Kdrama.

Right now, I could watch an episode during shift days and 2 to 4 during week off days, if I don’t go to movies.


Coming to movies, I watched good number of them. I divided them into the worst, bad, good and the best as listed below.

Worst – Mr. Majnu, Hellboy, Maharshi.

Bad – ABCD.

Good – Captain Marvel, Majli, John Wick 3, Chitralahari, Aladin, Detective Pikachu, How To Train Your Dragon 3.

Best – Avengers Endgame, Jersey, Shazam.

There were days where I went to watch the same movie twice(not during the same day), or watch couple of movies in theater during the same week.

Right now, I am watching a movie every week or two depending on the movies that were being released during the week.

Gadgets and Trips

Coming to new gadgets, I got Redmi Note 7 Pro, which I have been waiting to buy since I heard about it (somewhere in the middle of December 2018).

Recently, I got Boat Rokerz 255 Bluetooth earphones and it is good.

Coming to my Trips, I visited India Gate, saw Trident and Taj Hotel (from outside), Went to Imagica Waterpark, Rafting nearby Pune and visited Mahabaleshwar Temple.


I don’t know about you guys, but if you are anything like me, then you will feel at peace and fulfilling only if you write and read.

I hadn’t written during these past 6 and half months. Or to be exact, I had many ideas and was either unable to start writing or even if I write, I was unable to continue to write it.

The absence of writing had left inside me a void, which made me depressed and eat more, gain more weight in return (even though the other factors mentioned int his blog post are also major factors). In fact I lost my self confidence and was more scared than ever about my future.

Do you remember that I participated in NaNoWriMo 2018? I did get to complete 50,000 words, but I failed to finish first draft of the novel. I abandoned it. In future I might rewrite it from start.

But from past few days, I have seen a couple of you guys following my blog and that inspired me to set a firm decision regarding my writing.

To continue to write.

In fact, by writing and publishing this blog post, I am taking a huge action and I hope that I would continue to write more and more.

I am planning to rate every Kdrama I had watched, dissecting scenes and sequels of couple of them, and also post short story and a novel every time I get a chance. I hope you keep reading my stuff and support me.

Novels Read

I only read a few novels here and there, thanks to the huge reading slump that I was currently in. Most of them by Ashlee Price. I subscribed to be an ARC(Advanced Reader Copy) reader for Ashlee Price. Her novels were good. Try them out, if you have kindle unlimited, then you could borrow the book for free.

Next, I read The Martian by Andy Weir. This is the fourth time I was reading this book in four years. It was one heck of a novel.

What about you?

Thanks to my new as well as old followers.

Until next time, have a great week.


Nagendra Kumar Yadav T.

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