KISS Chapter 1: Contract Renewal

I was sitting across Sara, the famous model turned actress who rose to fame recently thanks to her blockbuster new hit film, Touch. She was the definition of perfect female and was frowning at him. Even while she was frowning, she was damn beautiful.
“Mr. Raman. My time is precious. What is that urgent matter that you wanted to discuss?” Sara asked, crossing her arms over her chest.
I tried not to gaze at her chest, but I couldn’t. Not because of the semi-exposed flesh that was visible, but a transparent hand was inching closer to it.
“No,” I said. “Just stop it.”
Her frown deepened. “If that’s what you want, I could stop working for you. I ha—”
“No. That’s not what I meant. It’s…” I glanced at the transparent hand that was almost an inch away from touching her chest. “Stop. If you move any closer, I am going to…” I said.
When the ghost didn’t stop, I pushed back my chair, strode towards the ghost and tried to slap it away. Even though I knew that I could see them, but couldn’t touch them if the ghost didn’t wish to, I hoped that it would allow me.
It didn’t.
Which turned out to be a mistake. A huge one at that.
My hand touched the part that I was not supposed to. Sara’s chest.
She froze for a moment, staring at me in horror and pushed my hand away. “What the hell are you doing?” she asked, glaring at me.
I was so embarrassed that I wished I had not invited her to discuss regarding the renewal of her contract with our company which was about to expire in two weeks. I should’ve done it through a phone call. But no, I had called for her the moment I knew she was in my company premises. “Sorry. I didn’t meant to do it. It’s just that…” I trailed off.
“Just that you are so interested in my exposed breasts that you wanted to touch them?” she asked glaring at me.
“No. That’s not what I meant. It’s…” I said, feeling helpless.
“Come on. I know that you were interested in me. Is this your way of asking me for a favour or two?” she asked.
“No. Why would I do that?”
“Because our contract is about to expire and if I want to renew the contract, I should let you touch me or even—”
“Stop. Right. There. It’s true—”
“I knew you are a pervert. That’s why I should’ve listened to my manager when she said she would do most of the talking. Over phone call,” she said.
I was so angry that I wanted to blast her off just like I would do to my secretary or any other employee. But she was a famous actress who thought I was crazy pervert, trying to take sexual advantage of her. All because of that damn ghost, which disappeared the moment Sara started to get angry on him. It’s main task was done I guess, ruin my day. I have to repair this long before it would ruin me. “Sorry for what had happened. It’s a mistake on my part and  the reason I called you today was to renew our contract and not to gain sexual favours from you,” I said.
She looked at me like she was not believing me. “If that’s the case, then why did you touch me?” she asked.
“It’s… I have a …” I don’t think it would be best to reveal that I had the ability to see ghosts, communicate with them and even touch them if they permit. But it would sound even crazier than me being a pervert. So, I shook my head. “Sorry for what had happened. Please think about renewing our contract so that we could both benefit from it.”
She huffed. “You called me here as soon as I arrived and did nothing but stare at my breasts. Then you got so aroused that you dared to touch them and now trying to cover it up by throwing our contract renewal along the way. I am disgusted,” she said.
Even though I did touch her b.. No. I did touch her chest and asked her about the contract. I should have asked her about the contract the moment she arrived. But I was so enthralled by her appearance that I stared at her, not believing that I was seeing her for real. She was like an angel both in movie and outside. I couldn’t help myself but to stare at her. Now that damned ghost only made it more worse. This contract renewal means much to me and I had to get it signed. Otherwise, our sales would plummet so much without her that I had to file for bankruptcy. “I would do anything to prove my stand. I am truly sorry for what had happened just now. If you would like me to apologize publicly, I would do it without a second thought,” I said.
“Bow to me by touching your forehead to my feet and express your sorry,” she said, standing up straight.
I was so angry that I would’ve blasted her off. Me, the genius CEO of Raman Enterprises, which was leading fitness company,  had to bow to her and even touch my forehead to her feet as if I were bowing to my elders. I would never do it unless my company is at stake. Which it is. If it were not for the failed investment last month, I would not even think about renewing the contract with Sara. But … I sighed. There is nothing to do. I went nearby her, went to my knees and touched my forehead at her feet as she asked.
“I am truly sorry for what had happened. Please consider to renew our contract. You mean much to our company and I would appreciate you forget what had happened today,” I said with a tight voice.
She gasped. “You really did that. Is this…” she trailed off.
I stood up, feeling a momentarily dizzy. I took few deep breathes, and when I calmed down, she was frowning at me.
“Sorry, I got dizzy for a moment over there,” I said. “I am willing to do anything to renew our contract. Please consider it.”
She crossed her arms. “Willing to do anything to renew our contract or for me to forget the fact that you touched my breasts?” she asked.
“Look. I am not interested in you and I am not a pervert. Today’s an accident and you wouldn’t believe me even if I tell you why. Please accept my apology and let’s renew the contract,” I said.
She glared at me. “You were talking as if I am at fault here. Fine. I would renew our contract only if you increase the money to 50 lakhs per add. And I should never run in to you, ever. If you agree to it, then inform my manager,” she said and walked out.

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