Chapter 2: Meeting with Diana

Rs. 50 lakhs per add?

Was she real?

I had been paying her Rs. 5 lakh per ad. Even though it was a hefty amount, I had a hunch that she would be successful.

In fact, it was through the ads for my company that the director noticed her and roped her in as the female lead for the film Touch.

Yet she was asking me to pay her Rs. 50 lakhs per ad?

It was all because of my damned ability to see ghosts. Not only was the current ghost naughty as hell, it kept on pestering me all this week.

I decided to ignore it by talking with Sara about her contract renewal. When Sara came, instead of discussing with her regarding with contract renewal, I stared at her. Stared at her for so long that she could’ve thought me as a creepy.

When I ignored the ghost more, it went to touch Sara. For a moment, I forgot that it couldn’t do anything to humans and reacted.

Instead of the ghost touching Sara, I had touched her. At a place, I should never touch any other women.

Her chest.

She was so enraged and even went so far as to imagine that I was a pervert and called her to ask for sexual favours from her, to renew the contract.

When I begged her to reconsider, she refused. Finally, she asked me to increase her pay to Rs. 50 lakhs per ad provided I would not be around when she would be shooting for the ad.

Where could I get her the money when I need to depend on her ads for making money anyway?

Besides, Rs. 50 lakhs per ad is too much, even for a star who had a huge hit like Touch.

I should also not be around when she would be shooting for ads?

How could I not be present? I should be to make sure that they are doing nothing damaging to Raman Enterprises image. I would like to involve even in a minor thing like the teacups used by employees. How could I not be involved in the ads used for our promotion?

However, if I visit her during the ads or not agree to give Rs. 50 lakhs per ad meant that she would not renew our contract. She was the only big star right now. If I lose her, my sales would plummet and I had to file for bankruptcy.

I also had a bad reputation amongst others. If the others were to know that I had touched Sara’s chest, they would assume much wild things than Sara had. Before more rumours could circulate, which I know they will, because there could be eyes everywhere, I had to meet her and clear the misunderstanding.

I also had to deal with the ghosts. I had to find a way to stop seeing them. They had been disturbing me more, especially for the past few days and I had not been sleeping well because of them.

If I don’t find a way, then today’s scenario would repeat. Only much worse.

I would do anything so stop seeing ghosts.

As of now, I was still seeing ghosts.

Not only had I offended Sara, it had made her put rules which were difficult to follow.

I had to give her the money that I am depended on her to generate and not meddle in her ads or be in her presence.

I had to deal with the ghosts as well as negotiate with Sara and her manager for terms that are more manageable.

I don’t know how to deal with the ghosts. It had been that way ever since I could remember.

Dealing with Sara was something that I could do now and was more urgent than earlier one.

I had to arrange a meeting with Sara and her manager to negotiate more regarding her pay for her work and my presence while she would be shooting for ads.

At the same time, I should prove to her that I had no ill intentions towards her and me touching her chest earlier was a huge mistake, without revealing that I could see ghosts.

I called my assistant and arranged an appointment with Sara and her manager.


After the incident today’s morning, I was afraid that Sara and her manager Diana were going to deny the meeting but they agreed as soon as my personal assistant had asked them.

Bless the new assistant Vani. I don’t know what she had told them, but they agreed and asked me to come over to their office today evening.

Which is where I was now.

It had already been couple of hours since I had arrived and there was no sign of them calling me.

It had to do what had happened today morning. Like their little revenge.

I would have stormed off if I did not need this meeting so much. I grumbled to myself, looking around for some company.

I did found one.

A female ghost.

“Hi,” I said.

The ghost ignored me. It was a shocker. Usually they would pester me but this ghost just stared at the same door I had been staring for the past couple of hours.

“Did you know someone over there?” I asked.

The ghost nodded.

“Is it Sara?”

The ghost shook its head.


The ghost nodded.

“Could you talk?”

After asking several questions, I knew that the ghost could talk. It was depressed that it had died and only wanted to talk with one person.


How could that be possible?

Only those with special abilities like me could communicate with the ghosts. Even if the ghosts wanted it, they couldn’t talk with the living.

It meant the ghost was going to stay here for a long time.

I shook my head.

“Who are you talking to?” a voice asked.

I was startled.

“Who the h…?” I stopped as I viewed the owner of the voice. “Hi Diana. How long have you been here?”

“Long enough to see you talking to yourself. It was so unnerving that I had to interrupt. Otherwise, I believe that I would go crazy,” she said.

“It’s … complicated. I will explain it to you once this issue of mine is resolved,” I said.

“You have an imaginary friend? Or could you see what others couldn’t?” she asked.

I sucked in a sharp breath. Damn! That was too close to the truth. “I like to keep myself entertained. So, if you please forget everything that happened for the past few minutes, it would be helpful,” I said.

“It would depend on why you have come here in the first place,” she said and invited me inside her office.

The ghost moved first, followed by me.

No matter if it was ghost or alive, it was ladies first.

Like I had any choice over what the ghost would do.

I stepped inside the office and was startled to see the ghost in a photo along with Sara and Diana.

“Who is she?” I asked Diana, pointing to the ghost that stood nearby her with such a longing expression that it tugged my heart. But no. I had enough trouble with other ghosts already. Since this one didn’t want to bother me, I should leave it alone.

“I told you he was crazy and pervert. We should not renew the contract with them and go for some others that are good for us,” a very angry Sara said.

“Good to see you too. As I have already said, I am neither crazy nor a pervert. I am just … clumsy. Something is wrong with my eyes if you would believe me. Why don’t you…” I trailed off and shook my head.

No. I shouldn’t bother with the ghost. “I am sorry for touching your—”

“My B–”

“Your chest. It was purely an accident, the one that I promise to you that I wouldn’t repeat. Why don’t we discuss about—“

Damn! The ghost was crying. Or, at least it would be if it were human. But the pain in it’s eyes was so strong that it twisted my heart.

I shouldn’t help it.

It’s already dead.

It only wanted to talk with Diana.

I shouldn’t.

I took a shaky breathe. I shouldn’t be doing this. They will think I am crazy.


“Who is she?” I asked, pointing towards the image in the photo this time.

Diana stiffened while Sara cursed under breathe. When they still didn’t reply after I asked them once again, I sighed.

“Sara, could you give us a minute. I have something important to discuss with Diana,” I said.

Sara huffed and walked off, as if she was suffocating under my presence.

“What’s that important thing that you wanted to discuss only with me?” Diana asked. The ghost must be pretty close to them it seems.

“Who is the one in the picture along with you and Sara?” I asked, pointing towards the picture.

“Someone close,” she said, her voice close.

“She… she…” I trailed off, not knowing how to say it. I turned to the ghost hoping it would provide me with support. It only stared at Diana. “How long since she died?”

Diana gasped. “How did you know?” she said.

“You might think I am crazy or something. But…” I trailed off, thinking whether I should reveal to her about my ability with ghosts but the ghost’s face was the one that did it. It might be her sister or best friend. She wanted to talk with Diana before going off to the otherworld. Besides, it was the only one that I had seen in the past few months that didn’t want to bother me. I have to help it.

“Would you believe me if the … she is standing nearby you and …” Diana was glaring at me. I have to get the words out quickly or she might think…

“Are you trying to pull some trick out on us? Sara was right. I should not renew her contract with your company,” she said, breathing hard.

“Look, I can see ghosts ever since I remember and she… she is standing right in front of you. It seemed like she wanted to talk something to you. Otherwise, she is going to stay here for a very long time. Which might be a bad thing to her future lives,” I said.

There it is. I said everything that I could. Whether she believed me or not was up to her.

“You… Manasi…” Diana was shaking, tears leaking out of her eyes.

I sighed. It looks like I had to get the ghost to talk with me so that I could relay it to Diana.

“Manasi… you can still remember yourself right? What is it that you want to talk with Diana? There is no way that she could hear you. Unless she is special like me. Why don’t I act as a mediator between the both of you,” I said.

The ghost shook it’s head.

“Come on! The only way you could be able to talk to her is through me. Unless you have found a way to possess people. Which, as far as I know, is impossible,” I said.

The ghost perked up and looked at me for the first time. It studied me as if I am …

“No. It’s impossible. Don’t…”

“What?” Diana asked.

The ghost ran towards me and …

As it passed right through me, a jolt of electricity passed through me and the pain is so unbearable that I was stumbled to my knees with tears on my eyes. When the pain became so unbearable, I cried. I cried so loud that my throat hurt.

Once the pain subsided, I looked around me. My vision blurred, but I could see that Sara had entered at some point. Both of them were in front of me, but I couldn’t make out their faces.

Are they thinking that what had happened now was an act on my part?
“You are either a good actor or you could actually see ghosts but I think the first one is true. I don’t believe that you could see ghosts,” Sara said.

When my vision cleared, I looked at both of them. Sara was glaring at me while Diana looked like she didn’t know whether she wanted to believe me or glare at me.

“I could really see ghosts,” I said.

“Prove it. Make Manasi…” Sara’s voice broke. “Talk with us. Otherwise, you could forget about renewal of the contract. I would also make sure that you would be charged with sexual assault and abuse of power.”

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