KISS Chapter 3: Virat, the Naughty Ghost

I was so scared that my hands were trembling. I put them in my pockets, hoping that neither of them noticed it. I walked or rather wobbled out of Diana’s office, tried and failed to keep myself from falling a couple of times along the way towards the parking lot.

I was so riled up by Sara’s words that I even ignored the ghosts that were hovering in the building. Probably lots of ghosts left without filling their wishes around the building.

I reached the parking lot after what felt like ages and took out my keys. Ignoring the way my keys were shaking, I tried to insert them in the keyhole. After I failed for couple of times, I finally managed to insert in the keyhole and twisted.

The door was locked.

What the heck? I twisted the keys once again and the result was the same.

I swallowed hard. Did I took out the wrong keys? Or was it not my car?

I pulled the keys from the keyhole and stepped away from the car, towards the front of it to check the nameplate.

It’s still my car only. Then why…

Damn it! I was twisting the keys in the wrong direction. Cursing, I inserted the keys once again and twisted in the opposite direction. With a click, the door was unlocked and I stepped inside the car.

Once I calmed down, I thought about what had happened few moments ago. Sara must be joking with me. But the way she was glaring at me proved otherwise. She was a good actress right? There was no way she was going to sue me for sexual abuse.

I am neither pervert nor crazy. Just a guy who could see the ghosts, talk with them and even make contact with them if they permit me.

Look where that got me now.

All I wanted to do was help the Manasi, the ghost. It was the first one that didn’t want to bother me. It looked at Diana with so much sadness that it melted my heart. It might be Diana’s sister that had died recently, and wanted to talk with Diana before going off to the otherworld.

Which was impossible and I tried to convey the same to it. But Manasi didn’t get that. If it didn’t talk to Diana soon, probably within 49 days, it was going to start losing herself.

Or many other worse things could happen which I didn’t know.

I had made it worse by suggesting the possession that failed so spectacularly that both of us were affected.

Not only did Sara witnessed it, but she also thought I was acting. She was so annoyed at me that she asked me to prove my ability with the ghosts. Otherwise, she would not only renew the contract with Raman Enterprises, she was going to sue me with Sexual Harassment case.

It would not only ruin my image, my company would be bankrupt within minutes the news got out.

I wanted to make Raman Enterprises the best fitness company out there, making people fit, happy and healthy. I had lost my family to their bad eating habits and lack of fitness. I did not want others to face the same fate as mine and worked hard to move forward.

But not only had I offended Sara by touching her chest, I also revealed my ability with the ghosts.

Which didn’t help with her opinion on me.

Sara was a top star who rose to fame recently with her movie Touch. Ever since then, rival companies were offering her money for ads.

She had trouble with my involvement during the ad shoot in the first place. I touched her chest and she thought I was sexually abusing her.

If I couldn’t prove my ability with the ghosts, she was going to sue me.

It would ruin my credibility and I could never get back from this no matter where I go or what I would do. Just like my uncle, who committed suicide.

I did not want to become like that.

I either had to beg them to reconsider or prove my ability with the ghosts.

Both are equally impossible.

If I tried to set up another meeting with them to beg them, they wouldn’t agree to it.

I don’t know how to prove my ability with the ghosts either. If only Manasi would talk to me, I could reveal some important things that only they know and get them to trust me.

But Manasi only wanted to talk with Diana.

Ghost possession is not possible either, which I don’t think I would ever agree to even if it were possible. Just the ghost passing through me sent a jolt of electricity through my body. It was painful as well as unnerving.

If Manasi couldn’t help me, I had to take the help of other ghosts. But I had been so harsh on them that they would do anything in their power to see me go down.

If I promise that I could help with them, would they help me in return?

I don’t know. But I had to try something. But whom should I approach first?

The naughty ghost that’s been bothering me recently seemed to be the best option. Unlike others, it not only was angry at me when I tried to ignore them, it did everything in it’s power to get my attention.

I had to get the naughty ghost to help me prove my ability with the ghosts and that too soon.

I called my assistant Vani to cancel all my appointments for the day, went to my office room and locked the door to call the naughty ghost.


I called for the naughty ghost many but it did not appeared. When I was finally getting tired, I did the only thing that I know would attract it’s attention for sure.

“There you are Sara. Let’s get this over quick,” I said in a breathy voice, like we came here for a quickie.

The ghost appeared so suddenly that I was startled for a moment. When I gathered my bearings, I looked at it.

It was transparent, just like other ghosts. But there was a mischievous glint in it’s eyes that the common ghosts lacked. It was in it’s tank top and shorts, showing off it’s athletic build.

“I need help,” I said.

The ghost ignored me, crossing it’s arm and looking at everywhere but me, as if I didn’t exist.

It grated on my nerves, but I tolerated it.

“Please, help me just this one time and I would do anything in return,” I said.

No sooner did I said that, the ghost grinned. It walked towards me, just as it was about to stand in front of me, it frowned and disappeared like, well a ghost.

I kept on repeating my request but the ghost just pretended it didn’t listen to me.

I was angry, breathing hard and glaring at him. “I wish there is some way for me to contain you,” I said.

“So that you could get sexual favours from me. No, thank you. I don’t swing that way,” the ghost said.

I groaned. “Even I don’t swing that way either. You know what I am talking about. It was your fault Sara thinks that I am a pervert and crazy,” I said.

“You are the one who touched her…” he said wiggling his fingers as if he were squeezing something that I don’t want to think about.

“Stop. Right. There,” I said, breathing hard. “I am in emergency and I need your help to get me out of the mess that you are responsible. Partially.”

It closed it’s eyes and hummed a song that I hadn’t heard in ages. A very R-rated one at that.

I closed my ears and hoped it wouldn’t reach my ears. It didn’t helped me a bit and even prompted the ghost to sing loudly.

When it finished, it smirked at me. “You are probably the only adult that I know who is a nerd, klutz and a baby.”

“I am not.”

“You are. Remember the last time when…” it went on and on with things I wish to forget forever. If possible.

If I did not agree to it, it would haunt me with R-rated talk. I had enough of that already. I did not want to prolong it any further. “Fine. I am a nerd, klutz and a baby. Now. Will you please help me?”

The ghost grinned, satisfied and said,” Virat.”

“My name’s Virat. If you want to consult me, we should know each other’s name,” the ghost said, offering me it’s hand.

I stared at it. Did it think it was still alive and still running business at that? Whatever. I needed it’s help.

I shook it, only to have my hand pass right through it’s hand. Another jolt of electricity passed right through me and I closed my eyes till the sensation faded. I opened my eyes to see the ghost grinning at me.

“Sorry, my bad. I forgot to allow you to touch me,” the ghost said.

I bit the inside of my cheek and extended my hand out, hoping it would proceed to shake my hand.

The ghost shook my hand. “And remember the cardinal rule for the ghosts. They have their feelings amplified, often wanted to call and think as they are living beings. Like he or she and not it. Before you could ask me, yeah. Some of us have the ability to read the minds of the living,” it … he said.

“Okay Virat. I want your help and I would think of you as he and not it,” I said.

“Not only me, but also others,” i.. he said.

“Okay. Others also. Now would you please help me?” I asked.

It stared at me, as if it was reading my mind to check whether I was thinking about i… him as him and not as it.

Him. Him. Him. Him.

I repeated in my mind, hoping it would get the message.

No. hoping he would get the message.

“Since you are a newbie, I would tolerate your mistakes. However, don’t hurt a ghost’s feelings. Ever. They are literally going to haunt you and curse you to such an extent that you would be carrying the misfortune into even your further lives,” he said.

I swallowed and nodded.

“Good. Now, what is it that you need from me?” i.. I mean Virat asked me.

“I want your help to prove to…” Virat didn’t let me finish it.

“You have a problem with Sara and you want me to take care of her,” he said.

How the heck did i.. he know about that? is it true that the ghost could read one’s mind. If it was the case, I had to be careful in the future. “Kind of.” I relayed to him how the meeting with Diana and Sara went.

“It is good that you finally started to turn towards your calling,” Virat said.

“Which is getting sued by Sara?” I asked.

Virat shook his head. “To help ghosts. That’s why you have been given this ability,” he said.

Being bothered by ghosts all around me since I could remember? No, thank you. If … I swallowed. I wanted his help. This is not the time to think anything negative about ghosts. I would go along with whatever he would say for now.

“Yeah. Being helpful for all the ghosts,” I said. “Are you this brilliant when you were alive?”

Virat beamed as if I had awarded him with the best businessman of the year. “Yes. How did you know? Don’t interrupt me. I know how you know about my brilliance. Takes one to know one. Anyways, if you want a ghost’s help, remember a famous line. Don’t lie with the ghosts and lawyer,” Virat said.

“Isn’t it Doctor and lawyer?”

“No. it’s ghosts and lawyer. You will understand as you fulfil your purpose.”

“Which is to help the ghosts like you and others. I am glad that the almighty had given me this ability. Now, I want your help to prove my ability with the ghosts to Sara and Diana,” I said.

Virat frowned. “It is Mission Impossible. By the way, how many movies did they released in their franchise? Never mind. You look like someone who isn’t into movies anyways. Coming to your problem, as far as I know, there is no way you could prove to others about your ability with the ghosts unless they have similar ability,” Virat said.

I was disappointed. “You don’t know how to help me?” I asked.

“Even though I couldn’t help you in this matter directly, I know a group who could help you. If you want it so badly, I could direct you towards them,” he said.

Hope bloomed in my heart. Was there some group out there that could help me with this matter? “Who is it?” I asked.

“Hold your horses. If you had, then you wouldn’t have violated Sarah, which led to your current predicament,” he said.

“I didn’t violate her. In the process of preventing you from doing the same, I did touch her chest by accident, which snowballed into such a huge mess,” I said.

The ghost frowned. “Now you are blaming me? Here I am, thinking that you would change. But no, you could never change,” Virat said, and turned his back to me.

No. He was my only chance and I shouldn’t hurt his ego. “Sorry. I will never hurt your feelings again,” I said.

Virat still had his back to me, but he paused. “How will I know if you are telling me the truth?” he asked.

“I could do anything to prove it,” I said.

“Like the way you proved your innocence with Sara? No thanks,” he said.

Damn! If I didn’t stop offending people or ghosts, my problems are only going to be mounted.

“It’s entirely different. Like I said before, I am willing to change. Why don’t you give me a chance to prove myself so that you could direct me towards those who could help me?” I asked.

Virat turned. “Ok, if you are so desperate. Help me get a date with the new, hot and sexy ghost. By the way, I had to caution you beforehand. I already tried my charms on her and failed. Only if you convince her to have a date with me would I guide you towards those who could help you with your problem. Otherwise, Happy getting sued,” he sang and disappeared.

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